Played fog

Fog – an atmospheric phenomenon (in all senses). Ordinary water vapor, consisting of various droplets, seems like a fabulous cloud, descended to the ground.

Of the world literature and cinema, we know that the fog is necessarily something mysterious and ominous: either a criminal is hiding in it, or wait for a zombie apocalypse. In fact, the fog is the usual, but sometimes the necessary natural phenomenon. For example, in the wilderness of Namib, where many months and even years do not fall rain drops, animal survival provides a thick fog.

There are cases when this atmospheric phenomenon affected the course of world history. So, during the war for the independence of the United States, the troops of Northerners managed to retreat only due to the fog. One of the latest retreats was George Washington – the first American president.

Fog happens and cunning: he provokes an increase in road accidents and causes unstable operation of airports. In December 1952, he was completely fatal for thousands of Londoners. Anticyclone, brought in the capital of Britain a dense cold fog, forced the inhabitants of the city to stir up their fireplaces. Gas from cars, factories and ordinary chimneys in a few days took about 12,000 lives.

Played fog

Anyway, the fog is an attractive sight, and if the lens of the camera can capture its beauty, it is obtained by truly fascinating pictures. It is these that we collected for you in our photo specification.

By the way, the inhabitants of St. Petersburg may not agree, but the most foggy city in Russia is Vladivostok – the atmosphere in Primorye willing almost every third day. And in this article you can read about ten rare atmospheric phenomena.

Played fog

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