Playa del Carmen – Entertainment (Nightlife, Excursions, Tours)

Any resort town offers vacationers a whole set of entertainment. Most often it is very standard: beaches, shopping, restaurants, clubs, bars, street performances, excursions. Playa del Carmen (PLAYA DEL CARMEN) No exception.

About shopping and walks in the city we have already already learned. On the beaches of Playa were also. Let’s look at the curtain and look at the nightlife of the provincial town. Andriusiks we are not lovers of all these noisy events, therefore, we were limited only to the view from the side))

Nightlife in Playa del Carmen

In the evenings, Playa del Carmen opens a second breath! The city lights millions of lights, begins to publish hundreds of sounds and becomes completely different.

I have already mentioned somehow, supposedly is the opinion that the nightlife of Playia is even more interesting and the variety of Cancun. I do not know whether the small neighbor can be ready to hide with such heavyweight, but, I think the one who is ready to merry, from boredom in Playa del Carmen will not die.

So, waiting for darkness, wear the most elegant shorts and go to the epicenter of events.

Walk along the fifth avenue

«Quinta Avenida» – The most beloved tourists street not only during the day, but also at night. Perhaps most of the vacationers just idle walking along the avenue with the aim of people see, yes herself show.

From his day-to-day Night Fifth Avenue is distinguished by bright lights, clogged by visitors with cafes and restaurants, coming out from everywhere with the sounds of live music, even greater activity of sellers of souvenirs and just a sense of universal driving. In general, the same embankment in some Lazarevsky, maybe only fashion stores more))

Cafes and restaurants

Those citizens-holidays who are tired of just wander back and forth or simply decided to eat, occupy places in catering establishments. So something, and cafes and restaurants in Playa are fully for every taste. From steep with waiters in white shirts and with butterflies, to ordinary pizzerias.

Here you and European cuisine, and Mexican, and Chinese – every whim for your money.

On the fifth Avenue you will find:

  • Blue Lobster – You will be offered seafood grill, steak and all this accompanied by live music.
  • Da Gabi Ristorante – Italian cuisine, which means – pizza, fettuccini, salads and other tastes, and still coffee and desserts.
  • Don Emilione’s – Mexican and Italian cuisine, vegetarian menu, seafood, and also jazz music attached.
  • Java Joe’s – It is necessary to go here for good coffee, although the food is also in the menu.
  • Karen’s Grill & Pizzeria – All anything on Grill (meat, seafood), and also excellent pizza and live music. Mmm, something wanted to eat)))
  • Limones – French cuisine and luck different international food. Romantic Place with Live Music.
  • Las Mananitas – Little Traditional Mexican Restaurant.

And it’s not a complete list, for the fifth Avenue is some kind of food and entertainment factory.

Sport Bara

Separate theme – Sport Bara. Very much they are popular in Playa del Carmen, and not only. Especially when the world championship passes, such as, for example, now. Oh and noisy guys these fans))

On the fifth Avenue there is a couple of such institutions:

  • Tequila Barrel – Very and very popular place.
  • The End Zone – Almost all sports bars offer good shares on beer, such as, buy two bottles of beer at a price of one or take a bucket of beer for quite a bit peso))

Clubs, bars, discos

Lovers of more active night rest and fun with a scope, open their doors clubs and bars. Such institutions in Playa del Carmen are also enough. It is not difficult to find them: not only that the town itself is small, and its part and there is less, so many more clubs flashes with all the colors of the rainbow and exuded loud crowning music.

Here is a small list of clubs, where you can dance from the soul:

  • Coco Bongo – Perhaps one of the most famous clubs. There is also the same in Cancun. Dance-fictions, all sorts of shows and other charming of night extravagancies.
  • Mambo Cafe – Interesting place with balls, foam and Cuban music.
  • Blue Parrot – Outdoor club bar with all sorts of thematic evenings, barbecue and other interests.
  • Calypso – Well, here you can listen and dance salsa. It sounds tempting, though?
  • Rhumba Club – And again Salsa. Right not to tear off in Mexico.

And this is also not all! The rest will find ourselves!

Tired? Guided? Wood-drunk-dated? You will carefully take the hotel, apartments, condo or where you stopped there. Taxi does not have to look for a long time, it will find you!

Scored in Playa del Carmen? Go to Cancun. Suddenly you like it there, which will be overwhelmed in the zone of hotels or Cancun City. Yes and cancany beaches no worse, I would even say a few times better!

Excursions and Tours from Playa del Carmen

Once it was about all sorts of entertainment, I will say a few words about tours and day tours.

Walking along the fifth Avenue and by the embankment, you will see many agencies and stands, a bright advertisements of all sorts of tours and excursions. They all invite guests to familiarize themselves with local entertainment. The list, in general, the same as in Cancun, so I will not describe all the events again, but I will offer interested to read a note about excursions and tours from Cancun. I just say that the entertainment is not cheap.

Those who want to see, for example, the pyramids of Chichen-Itsi, Koby, Ek-Balama, Tulum, but does not want to overpay to the agencies, I recommend to visit these places yourself. We actually always do. There is no difficulty in this: from the Central Bus Station in Playa del Carmen, buses are sent daily to all these destinations, to Tulum and Cancun go to a collateral (minibus), which can be found at the intersection of AV.20 and Calle2. I am sure that many relatives in Playa will want to see the magnificent beaches of Cancun or Tulum, or magnificent sensations. If so, then the procedure for the same – sit down on a bus or a collateral and going.

Playa del Carmen - Entertainment (Nightlife, Excursions, Tours)

Entertainment to you in Playa del Carmen, dear readers!

Bonuses for our readers!

* On the first booking with a total amount of more than $ 75
** Instructions for working with the service and our reviews read here

How to get

How to get to Playia del Carmen from Valladolid, Cancuna, and Tulum read in the article about the city of Playa del Carmen.

Where we lived in plan

About where we lived in city ​​of Playa del Carmen And about housing in general, I also wrote in detail in the article about Playa. In short, we removed a small apartment on the Airbnb website for very much sane money. To lean to look for, here is a direct link to this apartment on Eirbnb →

If you do not know which side to come to The issue of searching housing, I recommend to read the article on how to find housing in the journey.

Map of Playia del Carmen


  • Steam on the island of Cozumel
  • Activation in Tulum and Cancun


  • Our accommodation (apartments)

Cafes and restaurants

  • ACá Los Tacos
  • Restaurante Café Tropical
  • Cockteleria Manigua
  • El Cejas
  • El Fogon

Clubs and bars

  • Coco Bongo
  • TEQUILA BARREL BAR & Grill – Live Sports Betting
  • Playacrawl-Party Playa Del Carmen
  • Coco Maya
  • La Santanera
  • Dolores Yucabar

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Xcaret Park from Playa Del Carmen.

As it is written in the post above, we go to the intersection of 2 and 20 in Playa, we take a collective (minibus), in 15 minutes and 25 peso I am moving until the park is stopped.

We go out and wait for the shuttle, goes every 20 minutes. For active – you can not wait and go on foot to the park, about 20-30 minutes (but on the highway is not cool and pointers stupid :-)).

Come there and buy tickets. Price: 129 dollars per adult (equivalent in peso). This is a fare plus. It includes food (1 time a buffet in any restaurant, storage safes, and fishing equipment for fish).

Subject to payment Master Card for the ticket price we get 2 days stay in the park. Second day, you can use during the following 6 days. Be sure to keep bracelets and first day checks. The second day will no longer be the fare plus, it will be normal, you can pay the difference and will be plus.

Our impressions (two adults without children): We thought for a long time to go – do not go, the price is decent, and even at the present course of our currency. Then when psychunuli and decided to go, the weather spoiled. We waited for about 2 weeks, and waited. 🙂 (late November 2014).

We never regretted it. We strongly advise you to go to this park.

If you are the same couple or company on light (with kids, everything is always different) then you will need to choose what to do there, subject to stay 1 day: View all animals, seats, flowers, butterflies, birds, or swim :-).

Sun Sit at 17.00. Come before. We arrived after 10, they did not delay more than 15-20 minutes anywhere and still there were locations, which just do not have time to walk. We did not want to climb there in the evening, so in the last rays of the sun pulled her husband from the Senote (they all linked the river and takes about 40 minutes). Then we are tired and stray went home. We just rolled down.

The map is very bad, it confuses and people ask each other in all languages ​​of the world 🙂

If our option is suitable for you "see what we have time to go, and it doesn’t matter to pay" Move on the territory between locations with flamingos, parrots and through the center with Jaguar. So you will see 80-90% of everything that is there. On the way there will be a lot of everything, sometimes on 4 paws pop up from bushes 🙂

Who and what we saw there: Tapir, Deer, Pink Flamingo, Paradise Birds and Parrots, Toucan, Skates, Nyanki Shark, Dolphins, Jaguar, Puma, Giant Turtles, Lamantins, Garden Butterflies, Mini Botsad, Satotes, Underwater Caves, Bats mice, locations with the city hall of the Mexican people. Beautiful views with beaches (a lot of them).

– If you buy a ticket online by Master Card on the Park website, you should not miss the moment and drive promotional code to get a second free day if you buy a ticket to the park, they give it automatically (activate in the database). Save the checks and bracelets of the first day, necessarily.

– At. The site is indicated, but I will repeat: subject to buying a ticket online, you will definitely need a certificate of personality, the passport is best. Strongly fighting

– Our payment experience: I have a photo card and I showed a photo of the passport (but for the ferry on about. Bidsell is barely not rolled, so always at least one should be with the id)

– Pour your devices by batteries, so much you need to remove!

– If you have taken the option with 1 power on, it is better to use them for lunch. Breakfast in plan, take with you or in the park for money.

– We have lunch at the restaurant near Jaguar, a buffet with European and Mexican food + desserts and fruits. Tasty and high. If the ticket is not included, the entrance costs 29 dollars per adult.

– You can also leave in Playa as you arrived: to Highway on the Shatlet from the Park, there is on a minibus or a bus to Playi, they themselves stop.

With children it is uncomfortable, Park Workers said that a taxi from the main entrance of Xcaret to Playa costs 100-120 peso. Here’s a landmark, bargain, there are clouds there. Yet, it is cheaper to transfer to. Park site – $ 27 per person to the cost of the ticket. Rave.

I hope someone will read it to the end and it will be useful. Ride, unequivocally! 🙂

Playa del Carmen - Entertainment (Nightlife, Excursions, Tours)

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