Playa de las Americas (Playa De Las Americas)

Playa de las Americas (Playa De Las Americas) – The largest resort in the south of Tenerife Island, 80 km from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The resort of Playa de Las Americas is the largest in the south of Tenerife and the main resort center of the island. Most our tourists (about 3% of the total number of resort workers at the height of the season) prefers to relax in the south – there is almost no bad weather and the sun shines all year round.

The resort area consists of many hotels of various levels and apartments, bars and nightclubs, cafes and restaurants, a casino, two water parks, as well as a row of beaches, some of which are artificial with sand-made from Africa, as its own sand on the island is black or gray volcanic. All beaches are protected from waves by stone barriers and allow you to comfortably swim in the ocean throughout the year. On all beaches there are rental chairs and umbrellas, water entertainment, cafes and restaurants.

Along the entire six-kilometer coast of Playa de Las Americas, a pedestrian embankment is held.

Playa de las Americas (Playa De Las Americas)

The number of restaurants and bars on the territory of the resort is not amenable to accurately. They are literally at every turn. True, traditional Canary dishes are not necessary here: international cuisine, adapted to tastes of tourists from European countries, prevails at the resort. There are also McDonalds. Come to rest on Tenerife and eat in fast food, of course, wrong. But in case of an unplanned hike in a casino (which is located at the Gran Tinerfe Hotel) this information can be useful.

The western part of the resort is quiet and respectable. Central part – around the hotel Sol Tenerife the most lively. There are discos and clubs, on the streets until late night a lot of young people. In the eastern part in the afternoon and in the evening are crowded, there are many shops and restaurants, but closer to midnight all the establishments are closed, the Lords vacationers diverge through the numbers of the surrounding «Five» and the "fours" and the area falls asleep.

In Playa de Las Americas, there are countless stores in which almost everything that may be needed on vacation: from mineral water to inflatable mattresses and beach towels. As a rule, these are small universal shops, proudly called "supermarkets". There are usual major supermarkets. More serious shopping is more advisable to go to the capital of Tenerife.

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