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Resort town Playa de Aro – One of the most cute in the northern part of the Costa Brava. Summer is a typical resort area with bars that work in day and night, water parks and water slides, beautiful beaches. In winter, festivals and processions are organized in Playa de Aro.

The resort is also called Castel Plaidja de Aro – This is a city that is rightfully proud of contemporary art, modern architecture, purest picturesque beaches, active nightlife, lots of restaurants, shopping centers and shops. And in winter, the life of Playa de Aro does not subside and his business side of life is no less active than tourist.

Among the characteristic features of Playa de Aro, it is worth mentioning the fact that all the streets of the city are directed to the coast, as well as the fact that the brightest holidays and festivals are held here, the most lush of which is the carnival and beer festival. Tourists in Tourists Playa de Aro uses from behind the Turquoise Sea and good beaches with golden sand. The two-kilometer strip of the beaches of Playa de Aro is marked with the Blue Flag of the EU.

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What is interesting to see Playa de Aro?

Top attractions of Playa de Aro

Church of St. Mary

Museum of dolls in Castel ..

Medieval castle Castell de ..

Aquadiver water park

Playa de Aro: Excursions and events

Playa de Aro – A small resort town and excursions are few. For example, an excursion to Castell D Castle’ARO – Great sample of ancient architecture and the opportunity to touch the history of the city. As Excursions in Playa de Aro Be sure to visit the Temple of the Virgin Mary and Benidormones Castle – Excursion for about 3 hours and Masa impressions are guaranteed.

At low removal from Playa de Aro, the Spanish city of Girona is located, which can also be visited within the proposed excursion programs. Starinsa Girona streets, architectural monuments and picturesque embankment of this city will not leave you indifferent. In addition, small boats are regularly sent from Playa de Aro, making boats with visits to neighboring resorts.

Longer time, but no less interesting excursions in Plaby de Aro – a study tour of Barcelona – (lasts 4 hours), offers acquaintance with the historical part of the city and visiting the architectural ensemble in Spain Square, the National Palace and Fontanov. Excursion to Monastery Montserrat (5-6 hours) or a combination of this excursion with a visit to the wine cellars (about 8 hours), it is necessary to visit the Salvador Museum Dali in Figueres (the duration of the excursion is 6-8 hours).

History Playa de Aro

Climate in Playa de Aro

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Soft and pretty pleasant Mediterranean Climate in Playa de Aro, Amazing natural conditions and multi-kilometer magnificent beaches make one of the best resorts in the region. You can make a more complete picture by looking at the weather in Playa de Aro for months. Low humidity in summer and soft winters, lack of strong winds – All this allows you to rest in Playa de Aro amazing. Average temperature + 25.4 + 27.3°C, the most hot here in August – the air warms up to +30.1°WITH.

Playa de Aro: Entertainment and Active Leisure

In Playa de Aro, there are quite a few nightclubs, hospitable bars and incendiary discos who open doors every day for nightlife lovers. Most of them are located on the coast. Entertainment in the resort offer their services around the clock.

Throughout the year, Festivals and a variety of cultural events are held in Playa de Aro, for example, a carnival or famous beer festival. Opens its doors to tourists and residents of the city of the medieval market in the Castell d’Aro castle, and the water park «Aquadayver» With a huge amount of entertainment will have to taste to lovers of outdoor activities of all age categories.

On beaches for Active recreation on Playa de Aro There are a lot of opportunities for water sports facilities for renting, boats are rented. You can learn for a small fee to go under the sail or immerse yourself with scuba.

Transport features Playa de Aro

In the region, a very well developed transport system connecting all parts of it. Between the resort cities of Costa Brava there is a bus service, each city serves its transport company. It runs several trains that bind three capitals of the provinces into a single node — Cities of Flade, Tarragona and Gerona.

From Transport features of Playa de Aro You can mark the many taxi companies that offer transfer services and walks, as well as excursions along the coast. The resort is well developed a network of car rental points. During the holiday season between all resort cities, a pleasure boat (3-20 euros, depending on the duration of the trip).

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