Plav (PLAV)

Plav (PLAV) The city in the north-east of Montenegro, is located near the northern foot of the massif, the crossing on the shores of the plating lake. Population 3,615 people (2003).

The small provincial city of swimming is unique in that it is one of the few in Montenegro Muslim cities. Most residents of the city – Albanians. Almost all the inscriptions at the shops and institutions of the city are duplicated in two languages. A special atmosphere distinguishes this city – for example, in the evening there are no women on the streets of the city, they are sitting at home at this time. Barraju on the street, of course, no one is, however, and the relationship, which is characteristic of modern European Christian cities, there is no.

Plave is located near the border with Kosovo, so a recent military footage. Quite often you can see abandoned or destroyed houses. True, it should be noted that the city gradually comes to itself, tuned. It is completely safe for tourists, and only these destroyed buildings are reminded of a recent war.

As for the attractions, there are two in the platy:

Plav (PLAV)

Tower Regepagichi It was built in the XVII century, its construction financed one of their Muslim families of the city.

Mosque was built in 1471. She amazes imagination with its beauty and sophistication of forms.

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