Playground of temples in Caesaria

The area of ​​the temples in Caesaria is located on the coast, on the territory of a unique national park, near the palace of King Herod. This is an artificial hill rising above the area near the Knights Citadel, where the temple complex was built in the days of the reign.

The temple was erected in honor of Caesar August and the founder of Rome – Roma. Today, only fragments remained from these buildings – After all, after the destruction of the complex, the octagonal Christian church, and the Arab mosque, and the Catholic Cathedral. And each ruler considered his duty to demolish the previous buildings to the ground – Therefore, today this territory is the title name. All previous structures here were turned into ruins during wars and natural cataclysms, so about the appearance of the Roman temple today you can only guess or read about the complex in ancient sources.

Platform of temples in Caesaria Sights of Caseria Travel Guide

Although the temple hill is not very high (only 10 meters), it opens a beautiful view of the entire old town – Roman ruins, Byzantine buildings and constructions of the Crusaders. To the east of the hill there are remnants of the settlement of the late Ottoman period – Today, the Mediterranean Sea will gradually approach them.

Platform of temples in Caesaria Sights of Caseria Travel Guide

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