Plastic world

According to the UN, 8 million tons of plastic bottles, packaging and other waste are discharged annually into the ocean around the world, polluting the planet and killing marine inhabitants. A large dumpster in the Pacific Ocean has long been called the continent. Approximate estimates of its area range from 700,000 to 1.5 million km² and more, which is comparable to the territories of Germany, France and Austria, together (area of ​​these countries – 357 386 km², 643,801 km² and 83,879 km², respectively). Probably, in this area there are more than 100 million tons of debris, brought here, in calm latitude, ocean flows.

Plastic world

Measures to combat plastic are taking both states and individual citizens. So, in Kenya since 2017, a law entered into force, which prohibits the importation, use and production of polyethylene packages – more in our article about the most amazing customs. And British Richart Soya from plastic garbage built a whole island off the coast of Mexico and lives on it for many years, manages to even grow trees on it – Interview with Richard "My Planet" published earlier. And in this photo project, several families from different countries of the world showed that it is quite possible to live without plastic. In the photo – they themselves, as well as garbage, collected in a week.

Plastic world

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