Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Thai medicine level is sufficiently developed. This is especially true of plastic surgery. In this area, Thailand occupies a leading position in the world, as a country with the highest number of operations. But this does not mean that in Thailand only engage in plastic operations.

On the contrary, a full range of medical services in the institutions of the country is very high. But it is precisely, plastic operations that have the highest demand. The main, ingredients of this success are, not a high price of surgery (in comparison with Western clinics), as well as excellent service.

Therefore, the demand for such services is high not only among the locals, but also among tourists who even organize special medical tours, whose program includes a plastic surgeon.

Approximate prices for plastic surgery in Thailand:

Breast augmentation – from 95,000 to 152,000 baht
Chest lift – 133,000 baht
Floor change operation (male per female) – from 100,000 baht
Botox, injection – 19,000 baht
Mini-lift belly – 102,000 baht
Full belly lift – 152,000 baht
Liposuction – 95,000 baht 1 unit, plus 22,000 baht for each additional
Mini-lift face – 133,000 baht
Larma lift – 95,000 baht
Increased nose – from 19,000 to 38,000 baht
Rhinoplasty – from 76,000 to 152,000 baht
Alaplasty – 22,000 baht
Reducing or increasing lips – from 38,000 baht
Changing the contour of the bone cutting – from 114,000 baht
Changing the contour skull with bone compression – from 152,000 to 190,000 baht
Changing the contour of the chin with bone cut – from 114,000 baht
Change the contour of the chin with a decrease in bone – from 152,000 baht
Raising chin – 105,000 baht
Increased forehead – 190,000 baht
Lifting lips – from 26,000 to 57,000 baht
Lip suspenders – from 26,000 to 57,000 baht
Plastic of the Upper Century – 26,000 baht
Lower age plastic – 26,000 baht
Changing the contour of the forehead with cut off the frontal bone – from 133,000 baht
Changing the forehead contour with the compressing of the frontal bone – from 190,000 baht
Reducing the border of the hairproof – from 114,000 baht

Most Popular Plastic Operations in Thailand

After studying the range of services provided, you can come to this conclusion that the most popular plastic operations in Thailand are: an increase in / reducing the chest, plastic of the nose, Bothex injection, face and body lift, as well as a set of procedures for changing the floor.

An increase in demand for such services among the local population has occurred under the influence of Western culture and Western lifestyle. This is mainly susceptible to the younger generation, which puts the external beauty in the first place, and wants to be more like a "white" person.
In this regard, those who have money, increasingly resort to operations to change the eye shape, breast increasing and liposuction, thereby considering it brings them to European ideals of beauty.

In addition, Thailand is probably the first country in the world, among the operations of the gender change, but at the same time, former men, turning into women, do not rush to part with their natural genitals.

The most popular Thailand clinics

Clinics providing plastic surgery services in Thailand a lot, and not describe everyone. Below are presented only the best and most popular.

Preecha aesthetic medicine clinic

The most popular clinic, who gained its name on behalf of the founding doctor. Clinic has existed for more than 30 years. By the way, this doctor still leads the reception of patients, but to get to him is very difficult because of the big queue.

In the PrecHa clinic, there are practically all kinds of plastic operations known to date. A unique fact, as well as a kind of attaining the clinic, is that from the date of the founding there are more than 4 thousand sex change operations.

Plastic Surgery in Thailand

Clinic Bangkok Hospital Pattaya

One of the most popular and reputable clinics in the country. In addition to plastic operations, which conduct the most highly qualified specialists, there are treatment of various diseases.

Bangkok Hospital Phuket Clinic

The quality of the work of surgeons This clinic is characterized at the highest level, which is confirmed by the accreditation of JCI.

International Aesthetic Center Phuket

Located on one of the tropical islands. In addition to low prices for operations and high quality service, this clinic is characterized by the presence of the site, with an exemplary cost center calculator.

And finally, we add that the entire field of medicine in Thailand is controlled by the government, which in turn invests in its development. But at the same time, it is possible to find a compromise in price, plastic surgery, which are several times lower than the cost of such services in other countries.

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