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Last years in Thailand has medical tourism. Every year, millions of foreigners come to the kingdom to get qualified assistance in the field of dentistry, treatment of infertility, diagnosis, cosmetic and plastic surgery. The cost of treatment and procedures in Thailand clinics is significantly lower than in Europe and America. The difference reaches 30-50%. At the same time, the quality of services remains internationally. I will tell you about medicine on the example of the Apex Medical Center clinic on Phuket.

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Why Apex?

The first branch of the Apex was opened in 1995 in Bangkok by Dr. named Nantapat Spaipan. To date, more than 20 medical centers and cosmetic clinics operate throughout Thailand. Among services offered Apex, Dentistry, Plastic Surgery, Cosmetology Procedures for Face and Body. The medical center was accredited by JCI (Joint Commission International) – an independent non-commercial organization based in the United States. Total 800 companies in 100 countries of the world have such a certificate. All accredited hospitals work on high international standards. Doctors and staff are additionally trained with the latest technology under the guidance of JCI.

Friendly employees of the medical center

Clinic Apex on Phuket

Apex Medical Center is located in Phuket Town, opposite Siam Niramith Park. In a 6-storey building there are an operating unit, comfortable chambers, more reminiscent of the hotel room, Cosmetic Capackers and Dentistry Center. In the shopping centers, Dzhang Ceylon and the Central Festival are open to the clinics of therapeutic and aesthetic cosmetology, offering information on modeling of the figure and rejuvenation of the person, treatment of acne, scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, eyelashes and hair transplantation, tattoo and other non-invasive procedures. Consultations in clinics are free, they need to be recorded in advance by phone +66 619 80 4818 (they will answer our). At the main center, the Apex has a our translator who helps while consulting.

Plastic surgery

The most common operations in the clinic of Apex in Phuket-Town – blepharoplasty, breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Operations are carried out after a complete medical examination. At the final package includes:

  • operation;
  • implants;
  • stay in the ward;
  • anesthesia;
  • Pre- and postoperative procedures;
  • medicines;
  • clothes;
  • Three meals a day;
  • transfer;
  • Plastic Surgery and Medical Tourism in Thailand Clinic, Prices, Reviews, Discount Travel Guide
  • Nurse services.

Operating and equipment

Residing in the hospital offer meals on the menu, tea and coffee. The chambers are more reminiscent of the hotel room. They have a shower, double bed, TV, Wi-Fi. In the wards of the medical center can accommodate another person. Below are prices for plastic surgery in the Clinic Apex.

  • Consultation – free
  • Increase breast – from 90 thousand baht, on average 150 thousand baht
  • Rhinoplasty – 40 thousand baht
  • Blepharoplasty – 40 thousand baht
  • Face lift – 150-180 thousand baht
  • Eyebrow lift – 180 thousand baht
  • Neck lifting – 100-150 thousand baht
  • Liposuction – 90 thousand baht
  • Belly tightening – 250 thousand baht
  • Removal of bags under the eyes – 60 thousand baht
  • Deleting Moles – 15 thousand baht

Cosmetic procedures and aesthetic medicine

The choice of non-invasive procedures in the clinic and cosmetic centers in Dzhang Ceylon and Central Festival is huge. With the help of a wicker laser, wrinkles are removed, pigment spots, extended pores, vascular meshes. In the medical center you can put the XuVederm fillers, make the Botox injections, to carry out an unproductive face and neck suspension. An excellent alternative surgery of the surgeon will be ultrasound lifting. The Apcax clinic holds an alter procedure (ULTHERA), which helps with age-related changes, the loss of clarity of the facial oval, entry, eyebrows and shoes.

For more than 12 years Medical center Apex practices the thermage – unique lifting with radio frequencies. In the process of therapy, collagen production is stimulated and collagen fibers of the face and neck are strengthened. After 1-2 months there is a noticeable lifting effect, lasting up to 2 years. Thermal is even shown when stretching belly after pregnancy.

Slimming programs use popularity. The clinic conducts a general test of health status, make analyzes for hormones, the level of metabolism, allergic reactions and the number of antioxidants. After the examination, the doctor prescribes treatment that will be really effectively in your particular case. With the help of carboxyterepia and mesotherapy you can remove cellulite. In the list of procedures for weight loss and fighting "Orange crust" there is wrapping and mud.

Device for cryoralipolysis

Clinic Apex is recognized as the leading center in the field of cryolipolysis. Coolsculpting procedure is based on frost fat cells, which causes their death without damage to surrounding tissues. It is carried out in different parts of the body: stomach, back, arms, hips, buttocks. The special device ZELTIQ AESTHETICS delays the selected zone into the vacuum and cools up to -10 degrees. Fat cells sensitive to cold die within 3 months natural. As a result, we get taut outlines.

Recent years, intravenous therapy and droppers with vitamin cocktails become more famous. Vitamin Cocktails Come. Each of them has its own functions: hair restoration, nails or the whole organism, blood saturation with vitamin C, help with hangover, weight loss. A separate hall for such therapy is located in the medical center.

Types of vitamin cocktails

Hair treatments include not only a transplant, but also treatment of the scalp, root restoration and other. The medical center remove tattoos with a laser, make the lips tattoo, eyebrows, eyelash extensions and much more, including intimate muscle lifting. Prices for some procedures are listed below.

  • Consultation – free
  • Botox – 400 BAT / Unit
  • Fillers – 25 thousand baht
  • APTOS Thread – 6000 / Thread
  • Alter’s procedure – from 40 thousand baht
  • Thermal – from 50 thousand baht
  • Croolpolysis Coolsculpting – 25 thousand baht
  • Vitamin Cocktails – 5.5 thousand baht
  • Tattoo – from 8 thousand baht


Dentist’s office is located in the Medical Center in Phuket Town. A full range of services from seals to serious operations is available here. In the dental clinic, bleaching, cleaning Air Flow, treat gums, put braces and leveled bite. Some prices for services are below.

  • Consultation – free
  • X-ray – from 600 baht
  • Cleaning teeth – from 2 thousand baht
  • Viniron – 16 thousand baht
  • Implants – 95 thousand baht
  • ZUM whitening – 12 thousand baht

All the above prices are valid in the official price list. In fact, every month are promoted and discounts for different procedures and operations. There are special packages in the clinic that includes several services with discounts. Only for readers of the site RINO4KA.EN Available additional discount 5-10%. Keep the coupon I Show it when filling out the questionnaire In any of the clinics on Phuket. If you show a coupon at the final cost, there will be no discount. Sign up for a specialist by phone +66 619 80 4818. You will be answered in our.

Addresses Clinic Apex

Chief Medical Center 140/8 Moo 5, Rassada
Shopping center Dzhang Ceylon, 2nd floor.
Shopping Center Central Festival, 3 Floor.
Writing in our by phone +66 619 80 4818.

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