Planning to go to Europe this year?

It was not just a seminar.
And the online marathon, which lasted almost 4 hours!

There was only useful and most recent information about,
how this year travel to Europe is budget and interesting.

For convenience, I broke a seminar recording on separate
parts and turned out a full video course.

Here is its content:

1) Flights to Europe

All the latest techniques, how to search for tickets to Europe this year.
Most ticket search methods that I spoke 1-2 years ago, now do not work.
Also here I included a few new ways to search for tickets, which I have never spoken.

2) transport in Europe

How to move between cities and europe countries as much as possible and comfortable.

How to choose an optimal hotel from thousands of options.
And how to rent an apartment from local residents.

4) Travel by car

Do international rights need or not?
How to travel on your car.
How to rent a car for rent 10 euros per day and what are pitfalls.
Paid roads in Europe.
Parking in the cities of Europe.

5) Schengen visa

It does not matter in which region of Russia you live. Now the visa is very simple to everyone!
In this section, all the necessary information, how to get a visa with minimal cost.

How to optimally see the cities that you will visit.

7) answers to questions

I answered the last question of the participants.
Maybe among the questions you will find the answer and on your question.
If you are going to Europe this year, then you
It will be very helpful to watch this video course!

Planning to go to Europe this year

Then this course will be removed from sale and will
Available only to those who ordered it this week!

After ordering, you will come to the mail link to view it.
Access by reference permanent and without restrictions.

Some reviews of the participants who attended online:

Olga Kosheleva
Alexander Thank you. Your information is available, understandable, necessary. Light roads.

Information per million dollars! thanks! Super!

Thank you very much for the seminar! Information is much needed and everything is clear. Best regards, Olga.

Alexander, thank you very much, you Titan &# 8211; Almost 4 hours ! And all of us who made to the end &# 8211; gratitude! &# 128578;

Thank you very much for the seminar, Alexander! As always, very useful information!

Planning to go to Europe this year

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