Planetarium Karl Zeis

Daily in the planetarium, two or three educational programs are held, astronomical lectures are held, while you can admire the starry sky and the multi-love show on a large dome screen. And every year in the walls of the planetarium, the exhibitions of photos and paintings of the cosmos.

Friedrich Tsey – A scientist, an excellent specialist in his field, in the middle of the 19th century decides to open the firm for the manufacture of optical instruments. He was engaged in the production of lenses, magnifying glasses, cameras. At that time, the company became the best in his field, so a rapidly developing science demanded new models for studying space. After the death of the Great Master, his company continues to grow and develop, using great popularity. In honor of Zeys and planetarium was opened so that everyone could see the achievements of the German people of the 20th century. Equipment meets all modern requirements. All equipment is made by the company with world name «Carl Zeiss».

Planetarium Charles Zeis Attractions Stuttgart Travel Guide

The building in which planetarium is located is different from others. Seemingly the structure resembles a huge pyramid with metal structures. On the top of the building there is a satellite. Especially beautiful building at night, when the backlight turns on.

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