Planet Kostroma

Every corner of our planet is unique in its own way, it is only important to know how to see this uniqueness. Yes, and we are all different: serve a bread, another spectacle. Therefore, when an idea arose to identify the centers of attraction of the Kostroma region and relieve a film about it, six TV presenters went on the road, who had to estimate the degree of uniqueness of local attractions.

so. Six travelers: Irina Bazhanova, Irina Pudov, Grigory Manev, Anton Zaitsev, Artem Kvvorostukhin, Alexey Nikulin. Six different views on the world, interests, temperaments and, as a result, audiences. We counted that if you folded the views of such people in each other, you will get a very interesting picture of the world.

Eating in Kostroma

If you ask the leading "planet of tastes" Anton Zaitsev, that for him the main thing, it is unlikely to argue with his witty answer: "You can do without extreme? You can! You can ignore the sights? Full. You may not even go fishing with Gregory Manev. But there is? There you will always! Especially since Kostroma can treat!"

In terms of food, Kostroma has very serious arguments. Let’s start with the fact that everyone who comes here to swim, certainly captures home from the cheese stock exchange of Kostroma cheese – after all, here it is still, as 150 years ago, is made from milk that at current times is rare. Moreover, according to the same technologies, which brought here from Europe back in the 19th century, a notable our cheesemist Vladimir Bland. Tradition, fortunately, did not disappear anywhere, and today in the historic center of Kostroma, you can go to the master class on making cheeses, look into the cheese museum or just seize home fragrant souvenirs. Cheese and Kostroma in the perception of a potential tourist seemed to merge, and the attitude of Kostromichs to traditional fishery is not surprising at all, it would rather surprise if cheese traditions would not cultivate.

But there is something really amazing in Kostroma: three unique Kostroma products have black.

First – black caviar. The Volgorensky Fish Plant produces about 40% legally produced in the country of black caviar. And sturgeon for this do. This is not cheaper, because Doyk Stsome starts only for the sixth year of their lives – once a year, each of the adult inhabitants of Sadkov gives 1,5 kg of selected caviar!

Exotic looks like another Kostroma product – black salt. This product is rare, which is only here and produced. When this fishery began, no one will remember. Why a vintage recipe did not go beyond the limits of Kostroma, to the end it is incomprehensible. Probably he is not as simple as it seems at first glance.

Stone salt stirred with rye flour. Add some secret ingredients, laid in canvas bags and sent to the furnace, where birch firewood. Looks like "Production" as a locomotive in the middle of the field – a day is smoldering coals, shake smoke. And here it is without heavy metals, but with calcium and other necessary mineral substances. And everything is manually, from beginning to end. And tasty incredible! In the old days, the black salt was baked in every Kostroma village once a year on pure Thursday, then carried to church and sanctified, precisely cakes.

Another edible souvenir, which I personally highly recommend capturing home, especially the fans of acidic, – sauerkraut. Here it is called a pussy. This appetizer is also ancient.

Planet Kostroma

It is known that another king Peter first demanded the Kostroma. So, it can be seen, and threw loudly on all the royal chambers: "Submit immediately Kostroma!"The sake of fairness should be said that this cabbage is not black, but rather gray. She quas in oak barrels. Take only the top leaflets of the Kochan, and harvest when the cold will hit. From Frost, this Kushanye acquires a special color and taste. The secret of cooking such a cabbage has long been trying to copy on the expanses of Russia-Mother, but the real fragrant "pystoshnyh" are obtained only from the local. On the view of the cabbage, let’s say, from the remainshkovsky market, the same, but the taste is a miserable similarity. It is said that the whole thing in some special bacteria. I do not experiment anymore – as I happen in Kostroma, I certainly excite home kilogram three favorite cabbages. About the reserve – let it stand.

Kostroma is able to treat the glory – at every step a pleasant cafes, restaurants and restaurants. Despite its respectable age – and the city is founded in 1152 by Yuri Dolgorukhu, – Kostroma does not pull on the drain old woman: neither destroyed you, neither of the tricky houses, and beauty and beauty. Reasonable combination of modernity and traditions!

Jewelry Capital

Kostroma is famous not only for food. It was she who remained the jewelry capital of All Russia. Although non-colored, nor precious metals in these lands, it was not harder, but in the XIX century the production of jeweler was engaged in 51 villages. And now half of all jewelry of the country come from here. Without exaggeration, it can be argued that Kostroma is our domestic dub. True, the jewelry center is not in the Kostroma itself, but nearby – in the village of Red-on-Volga.

The appearance of this pretty large village is very unusual: Vintage rural houses with carved eaves and platbands coexist with luxurious mansions, offices, production buildings and, of course, shops. Not even shops, but luxurious exhibition centers, where local jewelry masters are exhibited. Among them are also very well-known brands that can easily meet in boutiques of European capitals and international airports. For those who are not indifferent to the gold-diamonds, the reason to come here is not only an assortment, but first of all the prices – they are two times lower than Moscow and three times less than in Sochi.

Thus, in approval that Kostroma is included in the gold ring of Russia, there is at least double, and even a triple meaning! By the way, about the gold ring – the main customer at the local gold cases of the masters has long been the church. She ordered church utensils, crosses, silver and gold salaries for icons. Including for the main icon – Feodorovskaya. But about her and other landmarks of Kostroma, read in the continuation of this story.

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