Planet Iceland

Landscape over the window of the machine is changing every kilometer, every minute you get into a new natural entourage, surreal, fantastic color gammas. You need to read the whole island, so that you see all imaginable and unthinkable pictures. The same thing that cannot be seen where it is impossible to get, moving on the car or climbing the trekking in the mountains, it is possible and desirable to see from a bird’s eye view.

Blue Lagoon and Geysers

You can start your long journey with well-known thermal sources of blue lagoon. In the midst of a dark ash bulk volcanic mass You see the white with a slight green tinge of the lake of an unusually beautiful shape shrouded in the rising ferry. Blue Lagoon, rich in its minerals and misses every day to itself even local residents, is, of course, tourist Mecca Iceland.

With a cold, rain or snow on the street 50-degree hot, dense, oily to the touch, the water of the blue lagoon completely covers, warms, relaxes and permeates the minerals all your body, forcing you to forget about bustle, supporting, helps you look into the low sky, hung over Iceland. I have not met such a low sky yet anywhere – it "hangit" On average, 70 meters away and it is as if you can get hand. Sometimes there "hole", which you see space, but what you will never see – it’s stars.

No stars, but there is a long day, endless white. There are also their sunsets, with unreal beauty. When sunlights are reflected in white-green water of blue lagoon, you realize that you are far away in space – on the planet Iceland.

Geizers are a special mystical action. First you see how water begins to breathe, then a huge ball of light emerald color appears from the bowrs. It seems that this ball appears, and the heyser fountain is height in several tens of meters rises up. Bathing under the fountain of the geyser is a fairly risky, but an unforgettable event: it boils, and you can burn, and water is enough. But to the one who loves romance in conjunction with danger and extreme, it is worth it to leave everything immediately and fly on the planet Iceland.

Iceland – Land of Volcanoes. The whole bark is broken, she resembles blown, cracked, in places burst bread. A few years ago there was a beautiful eruption of one of the volcanoes – Gecla. Recently everaged and crafted volcano, according to which you can now be like, through the soles of the shoes feeling a hot earth, which breathes in pairs, gray and resins.

There is not a single point in Iceland, where in the understanding of an ordinary tourist, a vacationer in Turkey or Egypt, is not hazardous. There is dangerous everywhere and therefore especially attractive. This is the land of volcanoes. You see their eruption, you ride volcanoes, you go to volcanoes, you sleep on volcanoes, you eat on volcanoes. On volcanoes that monsted millions or just a few years ago either erupt after a few years, and maybe hours or seconds.

Four forces

Iceland – Earth Four Elements. It is cold, harsh, but the epically beautiful sea-ocean, in which local residents do not bathe. Now in social programs everywhere in Iceland built pools; and on this island of sailors.

I tried the water with my hand and noted that it was quite normal, but I was immediately told that bathing in such cold water is very dangerous for health. On my replica "Well, you are vikings" My interlocutors embarrassedly took her eyes.

Iceland is both the ocean, and a huge amount of broader rivers with many beds, stormy, fast rivers, falling from the mountains, with melting glaciers, these are endless waterfalls. I have come to move hundreds of rivers – some had to overcome slowly, groping every pebble, others literally flipped in unreal speed so as not to get stuck. Nevertheless, in one of the rivers I still stuck. The machine stalled at a depth; I had to go out, or rather, to drink, endure things and pull it out of the river. The water was recently recently ice, and, feeling her body, I understood that it was still extreme! But at the same time, one of the brightest impressions.

Iceland is the fire: volcanoes and the preserved tradition of huge bonfire height in a five-storey house.

Iceland is an extraordinary air. Either because of an unreal low sky, then because of the fact that it is absolutely separate planet. There are no vegetation, trees – all dwarf, mock, but around geysers, sources, and air is saturated with minerals – you feel so clearly, as if you fell into this air.

Iceland’s land is all the colors of the rainbow and all possible consistency. From black sand (yellow sand is only one place, which is extremely surprising) to ash, gray, chocolate shade. Boulders and boulder stones, and red, brick, terracotta, yellow, green, purple, lilac flowers. And of course fjords – wonderful harsh, huge boulders (to go down "finger" Fjord, you need to overcome about 70 kilometers), which in their power and greatness can claim the title of the most beautiful fjords in the world.

Planet Iceland

Auto Take

The rally in Iceland – the adventure is not for the faint of heart, because there is mainly wild off-road. Once, I almost flew from the mountain because of the steep turns of the narrow roads and strong gusts of the wind. You can make it easy to turn over, because the soil itself goes the chance: it can at first be sandy, and then suddenly – from volcanic rocks. The machine behaves in such conditions unpredictable. With high speed on the turn begins to throw and turn over.

Can be stuck in a completely incomprehensible lunar desert in the area of ​​the unique lake Mivatn and, if something happened to the car, not to know when the help comes to you and will you come at all. But from this beauty of the moment when you are going on off-road, but around absolutely wild nature and no one no one will not fade.

But if you put a Sigur ROS album in the car, the Icelandic group, playing delicious original music, then the rally will be a big video clip length of 5,000 kilometers.


What can not be seen by moving on the ground, you can see, rising in the air on a small double aircraft. On it, we flew there, where the man’s leg did not go, are Vatnayokul glaciers, and some volcanoes, and the magic white-green lake Viti, which is on top of the volcano.

After watching Iceland from a bird’s eye view, we decided to fly for the polar circle the next day. Through the ocean, we went to the small island of Grimsi, the area of ​​which is only 4 square kilometers, and there lives there any little 120 people. Day on this island among bright puffins (or, in our place, deadlock) and flights back completed the impressions of the trip on the planet Iceland.

Probably, it is there that clouds from all over the globe are accumulated. Then they fall on the top of the world (the top of the world), transformed into glaciers, are in such a state of millions of years, they are cleaned of all extra information and purest water through rivers, waterfalls, streams, glaciers, icebergs descend to us down, carrying devils new sip of amazing water and freshest air.

Planet Iceland

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