Planet Earth: underwater world and its inhabitants

Under the water surface, a completely special life reigns. Here, in the literal sense, the word did not step by the leg of a person: at best, he can swim nearby. One of the most famous diving places – Maldives Archipelago with his untouched nature. Here you can find bright fish and graceful rods – MANT, or sea devils.

No less colorful reefs on Cuba. Honor of their discovery belongs to the famous navigator Christopher Columbus. Named Islands in the Caribbean Sea received a name in honor of Queen of Spain: Hardine-De La Reina, or Queen Gardens. Around the 25-meter depth of the thicket corals stretch 150 km, being a house for a variety of fish, jellyfish, mollusks and sharks.

In another hot point of land, Australia, Many other underwater inhabitants live. Compare the wealth of sea fauna from different parts of the planet can be on the Panorama of Airpano.

It would be mistaken to think that there are fewer living beings in cold waters. Corals, Actinia, Sponges, Starfish, Crabs, Hermit Cracks, Sea hedgehogs and shrimps feel like themselves in harsh conditions White Sea, Related to the Northern Ocean Basin. During treated dives, when visibility in water reaches 30-40 m, unusually beautiful landscapes open: the rocks go deep into the day, the fields of brown algae pegs, and the surfaces are praying, resembling ghostly castles. (Learn the secrets of the underwater world and see the photosary of the sea photographer and biologist Alexander Semenov – in the material "My Planet" "Residents of the Cold Ocean".)

Planet Earth underwater world and its inhabitants

Fantastic spectacle of a completely different kind appears before the diver in Mexico: in Senot El Peit. The word "Senot" (Ts’onot) is translated as "Well": So the Maya Indians called the waterfilled funnels, which appear after the collapse of the part of the limestone cave. According to mythology, these holes are gates to the afterlife. The total depth of El Pita is 119 m, but dive to the bottom is forbidden – it is too dangerous. However, on a 30-50-meter depth, there is no similar landscape: the gloomy water stratum is cut through the rare rays of the sun, and the bizarre geological formations are fully attached to the association with the kingdom of the dead.

Another unusual cave is in The Perm Territory of Russia: Ordinskaya. After her 300-meter "dry" segment begins 4600-meter submarine. This is the longest water cave of Russia, and its tunnel (in the hydrography it is called "Siphon") beats a record throughout the CIS: 935 m! From other underwater caves of the peace of Ordinsky differs in that it is formed in the gypsum breed. Unusually transparent water allows you to consider in detail the many underground galleries, but extreme conditions (the temperature of the water here does not rise above +4 ° C) leave this monument of nature without visitors. This virtual tour helps fill the space.

Planet Earth underwater world and its inhabitants

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