Planet Color Rainbow

Yes, we all know what our world is multicolored, but let’s a little specific. This review applies to different attractions, in which some color is found in the names. For example, the Black Sea, the Red Sea – everyone heard about it, so I propose to discuss other less well-known "colored" places and think if they are rightly named.

Orange River in South Africa

The water of this african river is rather dirty yellow than orange. But the name "Orange River" she received in honor of some Dutch Prince Orange.

Over time, the royal dynasty has forgotten everything – from the 17th century a lot of water has flowed, and far from Europe, and the color of the reservoir at sunset and is extremely becoming orange, if you look close.

Yellow mountains in China

In China, in general, love yellow color. There is a yellow river, really yellow and yellow sea. But the name of Huangshan, this mountain range was received in honor of the emperor Juan-di ("Juan" – Yellow, Di – Emperor), who "Rulil" in the 7th century of our era.

Yes, in antiquity, the Chinese with great respect treated their rulers. Therefore, to call any place in honor of your crowned individuals – there was something for meaningless. And the mountains are beautiful ..

Green Lake in Austria

Grunesee Mountain Lake and translated from German – "Green Lake". Austrians decided that there was nothing to be original if all the bottom of the reservoir was covered with vegetation.

In fact, the lake as such in this place should not be. Annual spring fossils pour off the park with plantations – there is a large green puddle, which reflects the smoothie fir, from which the color is more intensified even more.

But it turns out a magnificent landscape, and divers come to the lake for a few "floppy" months.

Blue Mountains near Sydney

Planet Color Rainbow

We all know that many eucalyptus trees are growing in Australia.

Essential oils from trees evaporate, and a bluish haze is formed from above, which envelops the mountains. It looks very impressive.

Blue Volcano in Chile

The name of Stratovulkan Serro Asul, which is in Andes, and translated from Spanish – "Blue Hill".

On fair remark "And what is blue here?"Local shepherds can tell you a bike that there was a flame that" spoiled "crater during activity.

From this legend with an indisputable truth is only the fact of eruptions – in past centuries, the volcano loved "to fool" and pour all the lava for 3 thousand kilometers around.

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