Planes do not fly to Colonel Gaddafi

In political geography, there is a funny pattern: the more the authorities of this or that state conflict with the government of the United States, the more the same authorities love the American dollar. Moreover, pay for this love is always forced foreign tourists. So it was 10 years ago, this is the case today in Libya.

Actually, resting, arriving from abroad, Libya says "welcome". For several years, inspired by the tourist boom in neighboring Egypt and Tunisia, the regime of Colonel Gaddafi leads a campaign to develop the country’s resort capacity, and some of this campaign constitute regular official statements that Libya is open to citizens of all states of the world (except Israelis, as well as people ever visited Israel).

But several circumstances, some of which depends on the will of the Libyan Revolutionary Government, and the part – no, they make rest in the Arab folk jamahiriya (so officially called the Libyan State) Tedious and expensive pleasure.

First, due to international sanctions, planes do not fly there. You can enter Libya only by bus from Egypt or Tunisia, or on ferry from Malta. Already one extends and lends the ride.

On the Libyan border you are waiting for a leisurely and thorough customs inspection. It can not be another, for according to the law, customs officers are obliged to confiscate from you: alcohol, any pork products, any products of Israeli production, as well as products of all companies trading with Israel. Plus books, magazines, audio and video tapes "harmful" Content. And you need to find someone who will fill for you an immigration form in Arabic, because in other languages, official documentation in Libya is not conducted.

And when all these obstacles will stay behind, the money exchange turn will come. True, if you brought a credit card or traveler checks with you, there will be no benefit from them in Libya. Due to all the same international sanctions, foreign banks do not conduct operations with Libyan, therefore, local bankers cannot serve cards and checks issued abroad. Single full-fledged money in Libya is cash. And best – dollars.

For the most efficient weaving of dollars from foreigners, the course of the Libyan currency – Dinar – artificially overestimated. For many years, the official course is held at 0.3555 Dinar for 1 American Dollar. On "black market" Dinar costs six times less: 2 dinars per dollar. Small exchange coin called Libya Dirham. Them in one dinar – 1.000.

At the official rate, cash currency is changed in Libyan banks that work with 8.00 to 14.00. Weekend them, like all agencies in this Muslim country, – Friday.

Planes do not fly to Colonel Gaddafi

Bank employees, as in general, many Libyans are quite decently explained in English. But all bank documents are filled exclusively in Arabic, and it delays the exchange procedure. By the way, all signs, street names, road signs and T. NS. In Libya, they write only in Arabic, and if you do not own this language, you will have to ask any of the locals to show you the entrance to the bank.

At high-level hotels, at the Bureau of the National Airlines Libyan Arab Airlines and marine ferry companies you will need to pay a solid currency or make a certificate from the bank that your dinars are obtained for the currency at the official rate. At this rate, life in Libya is expensive. For example, a hotel room at the international level will cost you at least $ 120 per day, and a trip to Malta – $ 170 in one way.

In cheaper hotels, local currency is accepted without questions and certificates. At the official rate of such an overnight will cost dollars 20, and at the rate "Black market" – Only 3-4 dollars.

True, the unofficial exchange of money in Libya is strictly pursued, and if you decide on such an offense, keep extreme caution. The underground exchange is practiced by merchants in the markets, and if you succeed. If there is someone else from the buyers in the room, the currency is better not to stutter.

Planes do not fly to Colonel Gaddafi

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