Plane crash site in Iceland (DC-3 Plane Wreck)

Iceland — Country of glaciers, volcanoes and deserted beaches. Stern climate and almost complete absence of people even in the largest cities of the island creates a feeling of isolation and loneliness. These feelings are enhanced even more near Airplane crash places DC-3 (DC-3 Plane Wreck).

This aircraft of the US naval forces made an emergency landing on the beach near the town of Vic more than forty years ago. Fortunately, none of the crew then did not suffer, and the aircraft itself is quite well preserved: the device does not have only wings and tail. Local rumored that they were painted by an enterprising farmer, although it may have made the US military who came to pick up everything valuable from the place of the accident. Be that as it may, now this core of the aircraft lies on the beach in the middle of black sand, attracting thousands of tourists from all over the world. Still: such a majestic background for photo!

Plane crash site in Iceland (DC-3 Plane Wreck)

Keep in mind: getting to this place is quite difficult, you will have to go around three kilometers on foot. First you need to drive by car from the waterfall Skogafoss to the city of Vic. On the way you will see parking, here you need to leave the car and go to go on your two. The road here is alone, so it is impossible to get lost. Of course, a visit to the aircraft is available all year round, but the best time for this — from May to September. In a colder time, the journey will significantly complicate due to the icy wind in the open locality.

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