Plakovsky monastery

Plakovsky monastery – An old monastery, which was founded in the XIII century, located near the village of Plakovo. The distance from the monastery to the resort Veliko Tarnovo is 18 km away, tourists can reach it for a taxi.

Plakovsky Monastery is dedicated to the Prophet or. The monastery survived a lot of dramatic events: he was repeatedly empty and ruined the Turks, however, every time the abode was restored. The last reconstruction of the monastery was held in 1845 with the participation of the Great Bulgarian Master Kohl Fichio. It is he who is the author of the monastery belfry, the Cathedral Church and the Residential Wing. All these wonderful works tourists can see today. Here, tourists can familiarize themselves with valuable antique manuscripts, extract vintage books and see amazing in their beauty and very rare icons, such as icon «Christ Great Bishop», Created by zharya zogram.

Plakovsky Monastery Attractions Veliko Tarnovo Travel Guide

At the time of revival, the plakoving monastery became a spiritual center of the region, as well as an important educational organization. Very important faces of Bulgaria often visited, here were the ideologists of the Bulgarian movement for the liberation of the country, such prominent persons like Sofronius of the doctor, Neophyte Bozvel and DR.

Plakovsky Monastery Attractions Veliko Tarnovo Travel Guide

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