Plains Horton

Plain National Park Horton (Horton Plains), located on an extensive mountain plateau surrounded by the highest mountains of Sri Lanka &# 8212; Place surprising. Divisively beautiful and calm. Here come to walk on endless empty and narrow paths past the bizarre trees and waterfalls, watch birds and admire the incredible scenery of the legendary place with a dramatic name end of the world (World&# 8217; s End) &# 8212; a huge sheer cliff leaving somewhere in the infinite distance.

Walk on the plains Horton

Landscape of the Plain National Park Horton, to some extent unique and quite different from the usual landscape of the highlands Sri Lanka. Walking in the park, you can admire the local flora and fauna.

The main attraction of the park is the cliff end of the world (WORLD&# 8217; s End), absolutely chic bridge in the form of a big sheer cliff. A 9-kilometer circular trail is laid to the eyelet pathway, which also contains a brilliant Little World (Little World&# 8217; s End) and picturesque cascade waterfall.

Park is difficult to call a track &# 8212; The route is quite lightweight, the trail is equipped and marked. Entrance tickets to the park will cost about $ 20-25 in terms of local currency.

Plan for a walk in the park of about 2.5 &# 8212; 3 hours. To admire a gorgeous view, it is best in the morning (the main lookout need to be no later than 9 am, as the mountains are later tightened with clouds), so planning or very early departure (at 5 am from Haputle, in 5.30 from Nuwara Elia) or overnight stay in the lodge not far from the park (see below). Do not forget to check the weather forecast.

Plains Horton

Plain National Park Horton. View from the WORLD&# 8217; s End. Photo Credit: Stuart Butler, Flickr

Pointer in the park. Photo Credit: Furry Girl, Flickr

20 meter waterfall Baker&# 8217; s Falls. Photo Credit: Shehan Thiwantha, Flickr

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