Places worth visiting in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, though small, but versatile city. Life in it boils and filled with bright events, I want to catch this rhythm to feel this city in full program.

Let’s start meeting the city!

Floating Flower Market – This unique landmark of Netherlands. The history of this market takes its beginning from the 17th century, when people in boats began to offer passers-by buy flowers from them. Now the market is on the shore and does not swim anywhere, but the name remains from the past. Sometimes it seems that flower shops float, but in fact they are firmly installed. In this market, you can buy flowers, bulbs, seeds and even different souvenirs.

Museum of all famous Vincent Van Gogh

The opening of the museum was produced in 1973. Pan Gogh’s nephew provided the museum of the invaluable collection of cloths. Turning from one hall to another, you can feel the mood and development of the artist’s talent. The first works are presented in dark shades, which displays the immensity of the author, and later work is filled with bright colors, which indicates the author’s mental disorders.

Square Dame

Square Dame One of the most main squares in Amsterdam. The area was called from the dam, which was built back in the 13th century.

Channels Amsterdama

The main symbol that characterizes Amsterdam is a network of channels consisting of four concentric rings, encircling the old town.

Museum Nemo

Museum of Nemo is a huge five-story house, which is filled with all sorts of miracles. For children, interactive lectures are made, where scientists share their experiences and respond to children’s questions. There are many labyrinths in the museum, curves mirrors, a variety of workshops in which young visitors can feel chemists and physicists. On the roof of the museum is a cafe with a beautiful view of Amsterdam.


Places worth visiting in Amsterdam

The area, or as local residents say, the "courtyard" of the Beneinhof is a historic landmark of Amsterdam. Catholic sisters lived in the Middle Ages in this cozy courtyard. This yard served them as a residence, and women were considered free.

Royal Palace

One of the three Greatest Palaces of Holland – Royal Palace. It was built in the style of Dutch classicism and geographically settled in the western part of the ladies in the heart of the city. Initially, this palace was intended for urban retouching, but over time he was rebuilt into the palace, where Louis I was crowned.

Rembrandt House Museum

The museum is built on the street where Rembrandt once lived. The museum contains 260 work of the Master itself, the paintings of his students, as well as some artists who inspired by Rembrandt’s works. Pictures in the museum appeared due to collectors.

Mint Tower

The walls of the tower were erected in the 15th century, during that period these walls served to protect Amsterdam from various attacks of riders. But in the 16th century, the walls were destroyed because of the fire, and only one tower was preserved. In the 17th century, reconstruction began, as a result of which the tower gained an elegant spire and watches. Now inside there you can purchase porcelain dishes and all souvenirs.

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