Places with lowest temperatures on earth

On our planet exist such places where the air temperature can descend to such record values ​​as -89.2 ° C. It is almost impossible to live in such conditions, but it was still able to visit such places.

Roger Pass, USA.
The place called Roger Pass is located in the US state of Montana. It was here that the coldest temperature in the United States outside Alaska -57 ° C was fixed here.

Fort Selcoque, Canada.
Founded in 1848, a small village of Fort Selkerk was inhabited until 1950. But due to extreme weather conditions, people were forced to leave him. The record temperature of this place was -58.9 ° C.

Prospekt Creek, Alaska, USA.
Creek Avenue – a small place based during the construction period of the Trans-Alaskan pipeline. The maximum temperature here was recorded in January 1971. Then the thermometer bar showed -62 ° C.

SNAG, Canada.
The maximum temperature fixed in the small Canadian village of SNAG was -63 ° C.

Aismitte, Greenland.
Greenland just had to get this rating. During the coldest months, the temperature near the town of Icemsmitte may descend to -64.9 ° C.

Nights, Greenland.
NATITA – Former Parliament Research Station of the British Severophalmland Expedition. It is located at an altitude of 2345 m above sea level and boasts the temperature of -66.1 ° C.

Places with lowest temperatures on earth

Verkhoyansk, Russia.
Well, where without Russia. In the village of Verkhoyansk, 1173 people constantly live. The lowest temperature recorded in this place was -69.8 ° C.

Oymyakon, Russia.
An almost global celebrity Oymyakon village is considered to be one of the coldest places on Earth. In Oymyakne, the temperature of -71.2 ° C was registered.

Plateau, East Antarctica.
The scientific station of the USA "Plateau" stopped its work in 1969. The lowest temperature recorded at the station was -73.2 ° C.

East, Antarctica.
The most severe and unsuitable place on Earth is considered an intracranental Antarctic Scientific Station East. It is here that the thermometer recorded the record temperature of -89.2 ° C.

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