Places to relax on the Sea coast

Azov Sea, this is one of favorable tourist Zones in Russia. Beloved family holidays. Little children delighted with warm water. Delighted with gentle water. Azov Sea the smallest in the world. Therefore, he warms very quickly and the season for holidaymakers opens in May. To compare with the Black Sea, then the comfortable temperature for swimming begins Only from June. It is believed that the beaches of the Azov coast of Maludual. Therefore, rest becomes more economical. But it does not make it not popular for recreation.

The air here is steppe, useful if people have problems with breathing paths. All because of the fact that along the coast No large industrial cities. The most famous cities and settlements of the Azov Sea, these are cities of tourist. They are popular destinations in Russia. Temryuk, Taman, Kerch. Beautiful settlements of Kuchugury, Ilyich, Stanitsa Dolzhanskaya, Golubitskaya, Round village. In the village of Kuchugur, for example, there is a healing dirt of the Volcano "Pleumak" and thermal waters. In the village of Golubitsky treat the nervous system, cerebral palsy. In the village of Ilyich, the sun warms the longest of all other places on the coast. In Stanitsa Dolzhanskaya The cleanest beach of the Azov Sea, A favorable place to relax with young children. Temryuk, It has a formidable name, but is considered to be the second resort in the ranking of the Azov coast. Here is the healing dirt of the Mountain Mountains and ancient Wine Plant. And the best resort is the most ancient city of Taman, from the county. He is also rich in mud volcanoes and an unforgettable beach.

Places to relax on the Sea coast

Some people prefer to relax "savages". This recreation style is considered not only budget, but also romantic. Forget about the benefits of civilization, install a tent and connect together with nature. Highly good place is for tents in Stanitsa Taman. Centralized tourists are accepted at a certain time. You can, make a reservation in place tent. Camping is available not only in Taman, but also throughout the Azov coast. The choice is huge.

The Sea is located on the border of Ukraine, Crimea, Krasnodar Territory and the Rostov region. The location of the coast itself suggests that the location is very successful for passive, therapeutic and outdoor activities. The most successful photos of sunset and sunrise were Made on the Azov coast. Itself, the name blows tenderness and manitis to visit these wonderful places of our country. Everyone chooses for himself individually.

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