Places to demonstrate love

I invite you to a small journey through the most romantic corners. This review can be called differently – for example, a selection of the most "snotty" seats for sentimentalists.

Anyway, all destinations are ideally suited to reduce or bring their heart ladies on a date or visit this attraction during a romantic holiday or honeymoon.

The Road of Love in Chinckwe Terre

A very picturesque place for walking, which is a mountain trail connecting two small Italian town on the rocks – Manarola and Riomaggiore. On the one hand, Via del Amer is a solid cliff array, and on the other – a luxurious view of the Ligurian Sea. Ideal for couples in love, what they use might and main.

While this direction is not very "promoted", but be sure – omnipresent Japanese travelers got even there.

Most of all I am amused by the experience of tourists about the road of love. It is said that on this tiny length of length near a kilometer reigns so romantic aura that you do not notice anyone except your companion.

Mother honest! Well, how it is necessary to pump wine, so that on a narrow path of about 2-3 meters wide, not to notice the surrounding people? Believe me, "Marshmallow" seekers impressions on this little patch always enough.

Places to demonstrate love

Wall of love in Paris

A peculiar shrine of lovers. In essence, this is a board, nailed for a residential building, which writes recognition in love on more than 300 languages. Symbolically – this is the place where they come to keep their feelings those who have already found them or find a hearty firm who are looking for her.

Couples produce pigeons from this place, newlyweds consider good familiar to make a photo session here, this Wall is prescribed a date, they make a lot of desires and make a bunch of nonsense, which on the one hand are touched, and on the other – forced to doubt adequacy.

For a start, enough. The continuation of the "Marshmallow" travel should. But always remember – the love of Shamdracy on his head and pushes to stupid actions. So be restrained in public places.

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