Places that excite the imagination

In a world of lies are many mysteries for which mankind has not yet found an answer. As if we did not seek to know our planet wandering through it often still does not understand, even if you are very close to a mysterious place.

And many of these questions unanswered even attract more than just the world in the palm of an open. A journey to the sights where tour guides, in principle, do not need, because they have nothing to say.

First stop – Japan. Near the city of Okinawa is Yonaguni Peninsula. In its coastal waters in 1987 found traces of an ancient civilization. It happened when the athlete-diver accidentally strayed from its course and discovered in the depths of the sea a real underwater city.

At the bottom of the sea it was built monuments, castles, something like a stadium or amphitheater and even the pyramids. This complex of buildings was created from solid blocks and stone. Question – how the water could harbor human life? Do not fish because the built themselves houses? There were many expeditions into the water, a very long studied this issue by building different hypotheses. Initially assumed that this case nature hands – undercurrents and corrosion ottochat any material. But painfully, these structures resembled an artificial work. And if it is a human creation, it creates under water? As a result, we concluded that these ruins were once made on the land, and then they flooded. But none of this fact is not sure, but the curious divers to dive so far.

Then we go to Costa Rica. There Diquis Delta in 30 years of the last century found interesting pebbles perfectly round shape. Some of the stones were small, only a few centimeters, but some boulders have reached more than 2 m in diameter. And they were absolutely similar to each other – the same spherical shape.

Definitely, these products – the result of human labor, they are made of granodiorite – rigid magma. But here’s the question: to whom it was necessary – sharpening stone "balls" and who was going to play them? There is an assumption that is the kind of sites that build their ancient peoples. But then again, there is no evidence.

Places that excite the imagination

And let’s sum up in South America, Peru. If you go up in the air over Nazca, offers interesting views: on the ground drawn long lines, curlicues, hieroglyphics and other symbols, which together add up to interesting pictures. As if a giant drew a wooden stick in the sand. Moreover, it is evident that some logic present in these images. They’re somewhat similar, but it is not clear that.

According to one version, these geoglyphs features of the ancient Incas, to send signals into space for alien ships. But the pictures for several thousand years.

But there is another version that is actually the alphabet of the ancient people on which they wrote their story.

Whatever it was, but these lines are preserved to this day, despite the fact that this is just the drawings in the sand.

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