Places of unusual design and location

Modern construction is developing in various directions, but at the same time people prefer to cost a suitable area, but before, With all the absence of technologies, People could build quite comfortable dwellings in completely unsuitable places for this, the proof of which can be seen so far.

Tourist in such places should be definitely to visit, since they are not only Amazed imagination, but also open stunning views like on the buildings themselves.

What seats are surprised by their place and the type of construction:

Hanging Hanshan Temple in China

Famous place, both with its beauty and an unusual location. Missed it seems that the monastery literally grew out of the sheer cliff and it is at a huge height, but in addition to this location fascinating the construction itself, which contains about 40 premises decorated with statues and other. Attending it in large groups it is impossible, but in general to visit it definitely worth.

Settlement of al-Jahara in Yemen

Stone houses, as if someone smoothly truncated the rock Regular forms, just can’t not attract attention. Although the construction seems somewhat chaotic, They have some charm, but more interesting, these places have a very long story, for for some sources it existed in the 12th century, while in these houses still live people and even local traditions were not particularly changed.

Del Las Bodegas in Spain

Another bright example of how people can adapt Rocks for life. Even as strange, for the facades of houses are bizarrely protrude from rude rocks, and in some places Rock covers houses instead of roof. Facades or hollowed up or attached, and all interior premises still hollow out straight from the rock.

Networks caves form not only mass premises, but also whole gardens, and stay in them quite comfortable.

Places of unusual design and location

Matata in Tunisia

It is practical desert And since the rocks are not here, local roasted large and deep pits, of which they make peculiar branches at home, in which it is quite You can live comfortably. Their main convenience is that they are capable heat, which is usually worth it, and if you do not know where they are located, then it is practically impossible to notice them.

Village Bazouls, France

Curious place that has grown around the edges and in the center practically Perfect round deepening in the ground that threaten trees and grass. At home they built on his very edge, despite the fact that it is dangerous, and people live in them so far, not to mention what popular is the place of tourists who want stand on the edge of the cliff.

What more surprises, similar buildings in the world even more, and each of them will surprise both the design and location.

It is worth noting that not in all such places Safe away, Even if the condition is fully maintained, and if the tourist wants to visit one of them recommended Clearly perform instructions Local residents or those who look after such a place.

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