Places of shooting the eighth season of the game of thrones

Soon all the time will end – the last season of the series "Game of Thrones" will be released. Even if you are not in the topic about the ice and the flame, they only looked a couple of episodes of the first season and you did not like it, the article would still have to the place. We tell about the places of shooting the long-awaited season and we offer to go on the hottest trails of the Dragon Mother.

Northern Ireland

Oh, this is a favorite place of screenwriters, because in Belfast they shot some scenes from the first season. Not far from this city is Kamenna Magramorne, where they created the scenery of the Black Castle and the wall. And 65 km from Belfast Airport there is an alley with woven beats The Dark Hedges. She also got into the series in the first seasons.

If you are in these parts, sign up for an excursion to the studio Paint Hall – there the team worked most. Just sign up in advance for a month or two.


The views of this country lit up in many films, sometimes Icelandic volcanoes represented the audience even another planet, and this says a lot. There nature is not similar to earthly!

Our series has not exceeded where neither loaves – familiar places. Won Pretagia Cave, where John Snow and Ryritt had a date, and Won Rynafellesceecal glacier – they filmed a battle with white walkers.

It is not surprising that the series returned to Iceland, because 7 seasons we waited for the winter, and she finally came. And where to shoot it, if not on snowy glaciers?


This country also has already flashed in the early seasons – the kingdom of Dorn was filmed there. His role played a small town of Santipons near Seville.

Places of shooting the eighth season of the game of thrones

And remember the dragon stone where the castle of Targarey? This is the island of San Juan de Gasteleugach on the edge of the country near Bilbao. On this island there is a small chapel, and the track from 237 steps leads to it. There for the first time met the king of the north and fiery deaineris. Recognize?

Walk along such a staircase, thinking about the fate of your homeland, and take a couple of important decisions, it’s how to become a hero of the series.


About where the royal harbor is already and so everyone knows – in Dubrovnik. But this is not a reason to skip the city by vacation. The climate is pleasant, the Adriatic Sea at the feet, and the scenery on the top. Togo and looked from the corner will come out by a member of the royal guard in armor or a nun with screams "shame!".

The series was not so much in the series, so the city is almost identical to the on-screen version. So take the most beautiful dress and aide to be photographed in the atmospheric old city and in the rocks on the shore.

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