Places of ghosts in which you should not stay alone

In our world there are many places where a stormy life has been boiling, but then for some circumstances she interrupted. Now such places are called ghosts and try to bypass them.

Ghost City Body, USA

Officially, the city was founded in 1876 when gold was found in the local places. But due to the fact that the place was crowded with men who loved to drink and have fun with women. Place Painted the city of sin. Already by 1940 there were not a single person.

Eastern State Prison, USA

This prison is located in Philadelphia. She began to work on October 25, 1829 and was one of the most famous prisons of America. But in 1969 it was closed and now she is empty, attracting only hunters for paranormal phenomena.

Satorne Skyscraper, Thailand

Sator’s skyscraper was built back in 1990, but due to the subsequent crisis was not completed. Today, the skyscraper remains in an unfinished state, since its repair is equal to the value of the new building.

Places of ghosts in which you should not stay alone

Chateau Miranda, Belgium

Once the castle of Chateau Miranda belonged to the family Lipeker-Bohor. During World War II, they were forced to leave the castle in order to their security. After the war, the Belgian National Railway Company used a castle to accommodate orphans. Today the castle is abandoned and is considered a refuge for ghosts.

Hotel Refugio El Salto, Colombia

Refugio El Salto was built back in 1924 and enjoyed quite very popular, but soon acquired bad glory. By strange concrete concrete circumstances, many suicides were committed here, with the result that the hotel decided to close. Today this place is considered damned, and some people even say that they saw ghosts here.

Places of ghosts in which you should not stay alone

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