Places of eternal summer

In anticipation of vacations, the question is increasingly, what kind of warm countries should be visited. Where will be the hottest weather and funny dancing. For noisy companies that are constantly looking for entertainment and adventures, such resorts are suitable as Mallorca, Croatia and Canary Islands.


If you ask someone, what the most famous summer resort island was in the world, we keep betting that Majorca will be high in this list. Everyone is in love with this island because he can be anything. Perfect for Family beach holiday, But equally lively if Dancing on the tables and parties on the night – this is your thing. The biggest is Balearic Islands It has colossal 262 Beach. So you combine it with Stunning weather, water parks and boat tours &# 8211; You have a complete package for summer holiday.

  • Average temperature: 25с
  • The average number of sun hours: eleven
  • Places of eternal summer
  • Places for visiting: Old Town Alcudia for sightseeing and markets at night
  • Things to do: Bay Del Drak near Porto Cristo. Excursions for underwater caves are held all year round,
  • What are and drinking: Try tapas. Here you will find the whole Spanish classics. And Vermouth and Sangria &# 8211; Some of the best festive drinks.


Coast of Croatia is one of the best in the world, so explore it with Dalmatian Islands. Second largest city Split is an excellent choice for those who are looking for Restaurants, bars and some objects UNESCO World Heritage Site. Hvar, Brac and Bol are idyllic islands to explore the unique nature and traditions. But if you want a beautiful beach vacation, then dreamy recommended Dubrovnik – it is called "Pearl of Adriatic" not in vain. During the day to visit the sunny beach, and then check all the palaces, churches and other wonderful buildings within the city walls. Charming Cavtat Also a rather small city south of Dubrovnik, with beautiful beaches and many cultural things to visit everything from museums before the ancient ruins.

  • Average temperature: 25с
  • The average number of sun hours: 13
  • Places for visiting: Game of Thrones Fans Should go to the Old Town of Dubrovnik to visit some attractions from TV show
  • Things to do: Take the cable car to the top of the SRD Mountain for the epic species of Dubrovnik
  • What are and drinking: Black Risotto (CRNI Riot) is known here as their fried lamb (Janjetina) and green stewed meat (Zelena Menestra). Local crafting beer now enjoys great demand.

Canary Islands

Now lovers of the winter sun, The second largest Canary Island still is the winner if you are looking for Cheap summer holiday. If you like sandy beaches, Fuerteventura There are 30 miles to explore, sunbathe and relax. Along with swimming water sports here very popular. Take a boat trip this summer, and you can see dolphins and other fish.

Places of eternal summer

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