Places in which everyone should visit

The pursuit of development, knowledge and self-satisfaction has always been important, but now all coming to the fore. Travel – a great way to unload, to see how other people live, learn something useful for yourself, and just enjoy, to admire the beauty of the world. There on the ground places visited in which consciousness is changing, some of them are presented in this article.

pyramids of Giza

One of the seven wonders of the world, captivates with its grandeur and size. Once in Egypt, everyone simply must see them with my own eyes. Loaded by sand, standing near Sphinx, Pyramids inspire the spirit of stories, make you ask thousands of questions and expand the horizons of the traveler.

Great Barrier Reef

Natural education Located along the shores of Australia, It takes a huge area in the Coral Sea. Reef full of many different fish, corals, sponges, there are rare turtles, rods and electric acne. Unfortunately, this place is under threat of disappearance, and the reef becomes less and less every year, be sure to visit.

Angkor Wat

Hindu worship place built in the 12th century. The temple is amazingly preserved until our time, accurately completed stone carving clearly opposed by wild impassable jungle. It is believed that the most incredible and charming sunsets are here. Seeing such one day, never succeeds to forget.

Machu Picchu

Located sacred city on one of the hides of the Andes in Peru. It is a real engineering miracle among the clouds and endless sky. You can visit Machu Picchu by one day, and there is an opportunity to purchase a multi-day tour with a guide and go through a special trope of Incs. Indifferent here does not remain, the city is uncomplicably beautiful, mysterious and every bed is infinitely picturesque.

Place of great battles &# 8211; Colosseum, famous Pantheon, Sicastinskaya Capella and her incredible frescoes. The famous staircase, on the steps of which dreams of sitting every. Hundreds of fountains, churches and just unusual streets of the city will give impressions of life. Required in the recreation program tasting of real Italian paste and wine. Usually the holiday in Rome, only one question &# 8211; How to have everything to see everything in a few days?

Places in which everyone should visit

Rocks Mochher

Majestic Rocks at the Atlantic Ocean. This is a fabulously beautiful place located in Ireland. Incredible space, ocean view, fresh wind, sunsets and dawns. All this can be obtained here on these green meadows, at an altitude of about 200 m above the waves.

Waterfall Victoria

Named in the people like "Rady smoke", One of the largest waterfalls is striking at first sight. All this power of water, bent from the height, the river river, wildlife. The secret of visiting the famous Waterfall Victoria is a full moon, during which an unusual rainbow is visible through aqueous streams.

Of course, incredible places on Earth hundreds and thousands of times more than listed in this article. But every reader must remember everything, what he dreams, really and feasible. It is only worth traveling to travel.

Places in which everyone should visit

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