Places for a long rest and permanent residence

In the age of modern technologies, people can travel freely and at the same time making money than many and enjoy. Curious, but in some places such a rest can completely grow into a permanent place of residence, since living there is not too expensive, nature and people are excellent, and work and finance, in general, always at hand.

This is especially true for people who spend most of the time in fussy megalopolis.

One of these places is the islands of Cook, which are formally part New Zealand, However, they are quite far from her. Local beaches are not inferior on the beauty of famous resorts, but people here are not as an example less. As for rental housing, it will be here to be here just over $ 100 per month. Tourists for local, though not a wonder, but their number here is significantly less compared to at least with Hawaii, so resting here comfortable, and good and affordable rest can easily grow into permanent residence, especially if there is work and life. As for leisure, you can watch whales, walk in a variety of trips and just spend time on the beach.

Cesky Krumlov town is amazing, And because the desire to stay in it is quite natural. There is a lot of fairs in the town, and his atmosphere has changed little over the century, what the tourists like that. Rental housing here will cost about $ 400 per month, which is quite expensive, unlike food. The only negative as a rest here and possible accommodation is that it is necessary at least at least to own Czech.

Cambodia refers to exotic countries, Therefore, there are no tourists here, but you can stay a little longer. Especially for this is the island Ko-Tysai in the southern country. Food and accommodation here simply to a funny cheap, and time can be held at rest or research of beaches and jungle. Unpleasant trick can be in wild animals, which sometimes turn out to be in large quantities on the beaches. In addition, this place is quite far from civilization.

Places for a long rest and permanent residence

A good place for a long rest and a possible subsequent accommodation is Mexican Town Guanajuato, where you can eat cheap and rent housing for a relatively small fee 100-200 dollars. The city is colorful and from the height looks fancy. In addition, local festivals seek leisure.

V Palermo relatively cheap can be settled on Pearl Islands. Despite the fact that this is a pretty famous resort, Monthly rent will be quite modest – 300 dollars. Rest and accommodation here may seem like a fairy tale.

In any of these places you can relax well for a long time, which is a good news for tourists, but a change in permanent residence – a serious decision because it should not be taken after a week or two rest.

Places for a long rest and permanent residence

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