Place where everything is natural and not ashamed

Tahitian princesses – and in life are the same as on the canvases of Gogen. With extended languid eyes, shredded noses, with ships bathers and flower behind the ear. If possible, with red. In extreme cases, white. And the thicker the princess, the better – according to their Tahitian ideas about the beautiful. Polynesian man – than a woman thicker, the desired.

Sky on Tahiti – Also on canvas, blue, colors of cobalt cups. And the ocean is the same. Black volcanic sand, shocked captain Cook, you will probably shook you too. Unthinkable in our latitudes the tint of the sky, reflected in the water, will strike you even before the plane landed.

Relaxity and grazing slowness – local virus. Every traveler, arriving at Tahiti, immediately picks him up and does not remember any of the time or about things.

The same virus and unobtrusive hospitality prevented the British, who opened in the XVIII century Tahiti. After a year of swimming on the path of sailors, the islands arose. On them – Plotted black-haired girls with flowers behind the ear. According to the expression of the face of girls it was clear that guests were happy. Could the real sailors not take advantage of such a specific invitation?

The answer is obvious. And taking advantage of, they dubbed this place to the islands of love. Marineners returned to their native Britain and reported that there is, they say, such a place where everything is natural and not ashamed. And all – the British, and at the same time the French – began to wrap here. War followed, as a result of which the owners of Tahiti were the French.

They own the islands to this day. And I must say, the Taitian feel great at the same time. On one of the islands there is a naval French base, due to which the money of European fellow citizens flows the river. Are built excellent, at the European level, roads and airports on each major island. Citizens Tahiti – they are the same citizens of France – nothing to do with the impoverished population of other exotic islands "Third World" Dont Have.

Must be because they do not bust. Tourists for them – not the main thing, because the tourist business is not at all the only income article. In contrast, for example, from the islands of Hawaiian or Bahamas. On Tahiti per year comes only 70.000 people – for such a paradise no figure. In hotels and restaurants smile, but without Asian subrange, typical of Thailand or Indonesia, and do not twitch for Falda. Not accepted.

Main city Tahiti – Papeete. thirty.000 population and pretty dirty. There will be, however, several five-star hotels, and if you delay there for a couple of days, you will not have time to miss. Milk Papeete is impossible, since the only international airport is located there. Staying at the hotel, you can rent on a car, drive around the whole island. What not essentially.

If you look from the aircraft, the island of Tahiti reminds the turtle. The capital is located approximately in the area of ​​the tight. Can be reached by "Head" and stumble upon still wild, amazing beauty of the mountain and beaches. Until recently, an American who called himself dwells in these places "The last normal person" and appeared before the public only naked. Despite the inherent in the Taitians, let’s say, the naturalness and simplicity of morals in everything concerns the relationship between the floors, the full nudity is not welcomed by them: people here and two centuries ago went in general, covered. Therefore, today tourists who believe that on the islands of love is absolutely naked body – the case is usual, can cause oblique glances. True, no more.

In the capital it is worth visiting the Museum of the Gajen field. Genuine artist’s canvases there are only three, but in the yard – wonderful sculptures-"Tika" (Reduced version of those on Easter Island).

Place where everything is natural and not ashamed

So, after two or three days of inspection of the metropolitan beauty, you are a plane or by sea, we move to one of the nearby islands – everything is really close. It is important to choose the right island. If you are important to prestige and resort level you assess the number of Americans vacationers on it – your place on the boron boron. This is the only tooth island to which epithet apply "steep". Because here – American five star hotels. The best of them represent as if huts, indoor straw. Floor – Wooden walkways hanging over water. So that with the porch – and in the ocean. With amenities and sometimes even with your own pool – for those who are unpleasant to swim in the company of multi-colored fish, stinks dumping back and forth under water. It is not suiced (about $ 750 per bungalow per day), but it is worth.

Entertainment Abuse: Helicopter Tour or Paraglider Flight, Scuba Diving – For Inspection of Ocean Depths, their inhabitants and coral reefs. The most curious thing is shark feeding. Dollars for 80 in this event can be participating. That is, to watch, lowering the face in a mask under water, as a distance of several meters from you, Taitian-Trainer throws a shark-pupil fish. Lack of island one: a lot of people.

Those who are penetrating the charm of leisurely, indifferent to all of the island life, go to other islands. For example, on Moorea, 17 kilometers from Tahiti. Entertainment there are the same, people – minimum, and significantly cheaper. Your bungalow will not be over the water, but by the water, but with the same charity charm.

If you settle on one of the tiny atolls (here they are called "Moto"), scattered around each big island, you risks to be the only inhabitants, excluding the owner of the hotel (that is, the huts) living nearby. As there is no restaurant on the bot, then you will feed you three times a day. Tasty and satisfying: from the same tuna caught in the morning, you can cook a variety of dishes. Host and delivers you to boat from the nearest airport to the atoll and back. And for everything, including food, no more than $ 100 per person per day.

Of course, there are traditional hotels, and when not enough for the bungalow, this is a way out. $ 100 – and Double Room Your (Of course, this is a daily price).

In Tahiti, always one season – Summer: in July 25 degrees, in January – 27. And if it went about prices, it is appropriate to notice: airfare from Moscow to Tahiti and back to the holiday season (July – August) costs $ 1.815. And from September 6 – $ 1.293. Also, of course, the amount. Well, because on Tahiti.

Place where everything is natural and not ashamed

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