Place Pigalle Kenyan scale

In each country there are such places about which traveling travel agencies in their reputation prefer not to tell customers. To such places are primarily bored. In guidebooks, their addresses are also not published. But despite the boycott of travel agencies and book publishers, "Bad places" flourish. How tourists will recognize about them – a mystery. Most likely, in a private conversation with hotel staff, traditionally not very scrupulous in the issue of issuing such information. We are about the existence of Kenyan "Florida 2000" found out from the traveler who flew with us flight Moscow – Nairobi. We did not slow down upon arrival to familiarize themselves with the institution personally.

So what is "Florida"? Actually – just the capital’s disco. However, tourists go here not to dance or listen to music. Come then to "Remove the girl".

Neon inscription "Florida 2000". Door. Stages leading up. According to Anatura, the staircase resembles native Moscow underground transitions. Two hefty strict kids at the entrance and the third, label selling tickets. Eveteable Hall with Smoke Clubs. Plexiglass glowing scene with disk jockey and dancing girls (an important detail: in Kenyan discos, where foreign tourists are often available, almost exclusively black girls are dancing). Two bar stands. Terrace where you can refresh yourself after a stuff. Many soft sofas tables. While the incoming pierces to the nearest free, several beauties offer their services. Uncompaired. Turned away – go, yielding turns as follows. As soon as interest in someone became flashed in the eyes of the visitor, the girl is suitable – this "ABC Morse" Here is worked out thoroughly. Sits nearby. It is customary to book a girlfriend Jin-Tonic and not anything obliging a conversation.

"Numerov" in "Florida" No. So after the conversation or take the girl to your hotel (the average dachshund for "Pass" past the port of $ 40), or she takes the client to the one where "All captured". It is cheaper, but although safely, deprives the share of self-confidence. Direct services prostitutes cost $ 20-40 per night.

According to banal truth, for any pleasure you have to pay. Often over the bill.

One of the members of our group, left in establishment from the team, was discovered in the morning in the corridor of its number in the proud loneliness and the state of the strongest hangover. Very embarrassed and asked money off. Distribution showed that a thousand dollars lying in his pocket to a trip to "Florida", evaporated. And he could not remember, whether he gave them to his companion as a sign of gratitude or she was this humane act took entirely on. In addition, he did not remember whether it took advantage of its services.

Place Pigalle Kenyan scale

For another, in a row, three girls were refused: at such small prices, they can afford the choice. On the exercise it did not and switched to drinks.

The girl of the third was agreed, drank a lot of gin-tonic, and then disappeared. After long priests, the institution returned to the client wasted spent 30 dollars.

The fourth almost late for the plane. When he did not appear in the hotel after half an hour after the appointed time, the Burels were frightened. But local reassured: with any of the visitors "Florida 2000" nothing can happen. Otherwise the institution can close. Nothing happened.

About the highest fee for pleasure worth warning especially: Kenya occupies one of the first places in the world by the number of HIV-infected. Arrange, the institution is worth visiting not for the sake of special pleasures, but simply from curiosity. If it was not found in Nairobi, then keep in mind that there is a similar institution with the same name on the coast, in Mombasa, where our tourists, vacationers in Kenya, spend no less than a week. By the way, the ladies in both discos are also open. Even without male satellites.

Place Pigalle Kenyan scale

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