Place of work? Camera island Hamilton!

Live on a small, sunny island, on a comfortable villa overlooking the ocean, walk every day along the coast, feed the turtles, remove the surrounding beauty on the photo and video blind, talk about your life in the blog ..

Magnificent rest, standing incredibly expensive you will tell you. And here is not. High-paying work from the Australian tourist organization Tourism Queensland.

A few years ago, Tourism Queensland opened a vacancy for the post of Cover of Hamilton Island. The island is located in the Pacific, 12 kilometers from the Australian State of Queensland. The area of ​​the island does not exceed 5 km², and the population of one and a half thousand people. The climate is soft here, subtropical, the island surround coral reefs, and whales are often saved to the shores. Here are stunningly beautiful landscapes and a very diverse flora and fauna. It was here that the caretaker had to live and work.

The work of the caretaker takes no more than 12 hours a month. Basic blogging, creating video and photo publications and fabrication of local living. "Wages" fee about two hundred thousand dollars a year, plus the company pays all expenses for moving. Elegant conditions, however, and casting is great. Compete for a caretaker can any splashing from around the world.

Main conditions – excellent English proficiency, skill swim and dive, possession of PC and the Internet. To take part in the selection of candidates must be sent to the company’s website Application and video presentation. In the first three days, more than a million applications were sent to the company’s website and the site collapsed from the head of those who want to "work" on the tropical island.

Place of work Caidist island Hamilton!

After the end of the reception of applications was drawn up a short list of 50 candidates, personal and summary of which were submitted to public vote. our woman Julia Jalovitsyn got to the list, which for a long time occupied the second line.

But in the end, a candidate from Taiwan Clare Wang defeated in online voting. The organizers themselves selected 10 more candidates who went to the island by the company for full-time interview. As a result, it remained, as usual, only one – Briton Ben Southal.

The action provoked a tourist boom, so Australian companies took a similar marketing course for weapons. And on March 5, 2013, the Tourism Office in Australia again announced a set to the "best work in the world". So – do not miss your chance.

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