Place of Power

After the first Altai trip in 2014, this mysterious phrase has become more in mind. Somewhere in the transfer of nature they will say, or in some trush gear about houses and spirits … a very fashionable expression, I must say. Mysterious and so tempting. And what exactly does it mean?

This time we decided to learn about this Leonid, the owner of the base in which we rested. This strange person somehow communicated with us, he had any historical certificate for us all the time, regarding the history of Altai, or just a bike. We decided to take advantage of his words and find out what he thinks about such places, whether he had in them, and if so that he felt there and what was going on there.

Personally I had such a stereotype. This is a place where a person comes, and he immediately feels some oddities in the surrounding space. As they say, "Energy". "I feel energy!". Or: "I feel vibration!". Something in a similar spirit. As a rule, in such places, this person receives a certain "charge", after which he depends that the mountains can roll, that he is full of energy and blah blah ..

Judging by numerous stories about Altai, wherever the steps – everywhere there is a power place. Then the passage of some sacred, where all sorts of long sticks, and tourists, the second of the ancient Altai tradition, tie on them tons of wet and squalus from rain rags. Or some stone give out supernatural abilities, allegedly he once stopped the Guru and the Great Traveler Nikolay Roerich. Such stones are called "River’s stones", and the crowds and strings of the "Roernuts" have already come to them (so they call Leonid’s joke), who are hoping for these stones to remember and get a dose of high and pure energy. There are also "bad" places of strength, where, in local beliefs, not everything is done with high energies, and people are hard there, and animals are going mad at all. In all cases, the place of power is a place where a person is clearly and most often in a north and body "something".

Tourist parking on the road to the valley Chulshman, 2014

We asked Leonid as a person who had lived in Altai, who had examined not one ridge and not one forest, was in such places.

– I am? Non-A! – immediately laughed like a boy, – never!

The girls immediately explained that he was hard to feel the very place of power, because he lives in fact in him, and he no longer feels. They say that we are from other places we can estimate the difference in sensations. Perhaps.

– Well, and the same stone of Roerich, you felt something? – Anya was pretty.

– No, – Leonid briefly replied and rested the face into space, otherwise it’s hard to call him this habit. Slightly the weather, he continued:

– But I somehow interesting became. I looked at them, on the rifled, how they are …
Meditage, V! – And he laughed cheerfully, again as a boy, – I decided to try too. I think, let me "charge the energy", maybe what.

– not, nothing! – Zahoshikal.

It did not make sense more than him. For him, this question was empty, solid philosophy of urban tourists. For me, so it’s all like that story when visitors come to the museum to watch a great masterpiece, waiting for the heavenly grace right now Kaaaak in brains! And life will expand! Not. Stand and wait for a fool, stalling at some terrible woman in the portrait, waiting for a miracle of enlightenment. Well, okay, not this time, on a farewell, at least a rag, we will put up on a branch or a pyramid of pebbles to build. Tradition how-no.

And now we have already won a lot of things for our journey. There were a lot of bright emotions, very bright … But even they could never shake me. Places like places. Although … I’m a chat. Honestly, it was with me that strange things happened on the trip, which I will definitely write about, but even at the moment when I felt them, the least reminded me of the place of force. I concentrated more on what is happening around and inside myself and did not ask myself a question: but now I am in place of strength or not?

In general, probably, it is very similar to the story with Shambal. Everyone is looking for a kind of magical place, but no one can find. "You see Suslika? No. And he is!".

Kurayskaya Cow, 2015

And so, having arrived back, analyzing everything that happened to me, I finally understood that I just returned from the place of power. And it turned out not quite the way I imagined him.

This is not a geographical location. It’s not a specific place. It is impossible to say that here "Mars" energy shook me more, and a simple steppe – at all about nothing. It is impossible to say that here the mountains are Wow, and the evening conversations near the fire – this is a household.

It’s all – both "Mars", and the steppe, and the mountains, and the evening sites, and people, and extreme – all this was mixed in some kind of solid something that can be called the place of strength. And God forbid to think that all this somehow "recharged". No charge.

Kyzyl – Chin, Altai "Mars", 2015

It’s just unnoticed, invisible, invisibly literally changed me so that by returning to the city I am scared to watch myself. I am asked: "I liked it?"I can’t answer anything. More stupid words in this context I did not hear. Like can kitchen at the hotel by the sea. Or ride on banana. Or something else. And how can you like the cold wind in the face on the top of the mountain? Or they ask me: "That, rested?" How to say. Coldly. It is necessary to cook hands in ice water to wash from the hawk, toilet on the street. Banya times a week. The stove still had to drown. I also needed to go somewhere, then in the mountain, to the next place "see". Once got up at five in the morning, so that it was hard to be rigorous in the bodies of ZIL 2 hours, until they arrived on a snow-covered vertex. Rested, yeah! I did not even sleep, because I have experienced the drums (it was the case), then earthquake. Ask: "Recharged?". What there! I, like a sucker, thought we will sit on the database, to meditate, look into the steppe, but in the end everything is somehow it is necessary that you barely have managed the emotions to get new.

I’m on the basis of 2014 (with the permission of my girlfriends)

And yesterday, so while I spread the spine in the pose of yoga, there was a guess that this is the very place of power.

Place of Power

"Guardian" Base, 2014

Here you live, my dear reader, in some city. Buses, exhaust gases, traffic jams. This is all garbage … Relatives eat your energy resources, the chief annoys, the neighbors makes the muling with his hellish … In general, the pipe. Well, you go to a psychologist some, or smart book read, or in the sect you get about good and love. And tell you, like, change your attitude, if you can not change anything! Become kinder, start at least with charging in the morning.

And you are doing. Sleepily turn the dumbbells in the gym. Squeeze your teeth and build a wise and chopping log. And wait. That is about to come this happiness. Or enlightenment and universal love.

And it does not come. Still infuriates because you already forbid yourself the right to protest against this whole garbage. Nothing, it is written in the book that that’s about it, it should happen … I just yesterday training a profilion ..

And so you get into some place like a Kurai steppe. Stand up as a moron, and clearly understand that nothing happens. NOTHING. Everything is in general. Already thousands of years. And not moving anywhere.

But why the body itself moves easily and fun? Without training and books. Why, when it is hard, no inside tired despair? Why without any psychologists and tips of experienced thoughts disappeared at all and in no way. – Do not want to come to mind. Trying to remember what was in the city. Eee … Che? Who? It happened to me at all? I live it all in the city? This is generally Ya?!

I and the dog of Altair, the Kurayaya Steppe, 2014 (with the permission of my girlfriends)

I just became clear – finally – that in the city it is impossible to be energetically strong. For this, there are simply no resources. There is no foundation when the place where you live is originally weak, worn, shabby. You can re-read millions of books and inspire all rubbers, but life is life. No energy where it is not. If you do not have energy, you will not create it from nothing.

If you need to change the cardinal attitude to life, you need to go to such places. And there, in fact, with you little that can happen, even, maybe nothing. It’s just there is an energy foundation that is more powerful and ancient hundred thousand times than your ambitions, desires and Wishlist, small hopes.

And you will come to your home after that – and it will be scary.

Scary from those resources that inadvertently and imperceptibly revealed in you. Scary from echo inner intuition. Scary because it is unpleasant and it is difficult to mentally concern all the fact that it was somehow worried. Scary for yourself that all this galline inside can be covered with mold of casual affairs, meetings and communication. And it will become clear that the workouts were not made and yoga was not turned out not because you are weak and lazy, but because there are no resources for this. There is no strength around that might feed you on simple arms and legs.

Scary from mountain rigidity inside. Scary from endless steppe evenness inside. It is terrible that her native and not forgive such betrayal.

Place of Power

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