Pizza tales in the knees, please take back

Information about distant countries can be found in different sources. In guidebooks, newspapers (ours, and ours are far from the poorest table of useful information), on the Internet, finally. But there is nothing better and more interesting than the living story of the compatriot, who happened in these the most distant countries "draw up" year-old. "I" continues to publish non-unified stories of our readers.

our Law on Consumer Rights Allows Return to the store not approached the thing in a two-week term. What is the case in the US?

The first thing I passed there was a tourist tent. After "wild" rest in Florida she was no longer needed. Explanation for the store I found: Washed in the rain. She really wet.

Then I was still looking for explanations. Then it turned out that nothing should be explained. Did not fit and all. The main thing to maintain a check, and buy one large network in department stores.

Best Wal-Mart. There are no temporary restrictions on the refund. At least to the question, whether there are any restrictions (not a century, in the end, you can pull), sellers shrugged shoulders. But this is its own logic, and it is justified. People buy boldly and a lot, not measuring without checking. Even if the return rack is always a small queue, even more things settled in homes.

In other department stores, the return period may exist (from six months) and firmly indicated in the rules. In small stores take even more reluctantly, and the period is often limited to one month. But the argument "just did not fit" always and everywhere it turns out to be sufficient. May ask what exactly you are not satisfied, or what is the problem found, and to make what has been said in the form. But it is not from distrust to you, but for the information to the manufacturer.

If you paid when buying a credit card, then the money will be returned to you only on the credit card, that is, by non-cash and with a delay of several days. And if they paid a check, then the thing will take a thing back and return the money not earlier than ten days, that is, when the check is able to turn around the bank. The meaning of both rules is to prevent abuse: receiving through cash shop for "empty" Checks and cards.

Giant networks in America strongly displacing specialized stores. From small towns almost disappeared bakery, vegetable and meat shops, barely pull shoe or sports. Everything is bought in supermarkets and department stores (Department Store). There is cheaper and wider than wider.

Now the spruits themselves entered each other.Wal-Mart in front of everyone all souls the main opponent – K-Mart. And such networks, such as Hillx, have long been semi-dimensional lie at his feet.

True, the choice of products in American department stores is only relative. A visit to a person from Moscow a variety of clothing, shoes or household appliances in Wal-Mart will seem like not enough, quite limited. Products throughout America – almost exclusively own production or Chinese. China clothes take more than half of all shelves. All shine and variety of Europe do not reach the United States. And in the current Moscow, the World imports are flown, which forms a magnificent mixing, able to please the eyes even an American.

In addition, from everything not so unlimited American variety of department stores carefully select a small list of products that they seem most suitable.

Many things so irretrievably displaced from the affordable range, and more and more Americans go dressed "on Wall Martov". Me, for example, angry that in the midst of the heat I could not find men’s sandals anywhere – alone heavy shoes and sneakers, that in the summer, that in winter.

Gradually with exchange I went to taste. Bought trousers – passed. Bought boots – passed. Bought other boots – passed. Deployed on the cameras – I was looking for a suitable model.

Took kodak. Booted mostly for two free films and battery. Then he decided that Kodak is strong in terms of photochemistry, and not optics. Passed. No one asked about films and battery.

Nicon has no system "anti-red eyes". Eyes from the outbreak of relatives got wolf. Passed.

Took Olimpus. Shooting showed that clarity could be better. Passed.

Canon took to experience what "Infrared autofocus". The clarity was good. But there was no zoom lens. I briefed another canon, which he was. Here for some reason did not have a cover with a rope, like the first. Passed the first canon, but his case attached to the second. On that epic with cameras ended.

Pizza tales in the knees, please take back

Returned somehow two boxes of pizza in a supermarket. Said the refrigerator broke, not to keep. Slightly surprised, but accepted. In fact, it was necessary to urgently remove from the city for a week. I decided not to leave the refrigerator not to leave on this time.

The next time I arrived in America in a year and a half and decided to put an experiment. I tried to pass in Wal-Mart high black boots at the price of $ 40. The left shoe is in fact annoyingly creaked, and no oil wetting helped. Despite the creaking, walking in them for the years after the purchase years had often often. So that the shoes looked today, I obter soles a wet rag. Adopted! About the creak listened to the edge of the ear, checked only along the barcode, is there such a model in their assortment.

Praised the company of the Americans with their manipulations. They laughed approvingly. "What’s this! – noticed one. – I somehow a Christmas tree managed to pass after christmas".

But not always everything ends so well.

Here is a note from New York Times on this topic.

"I wanted $ 13 return, received 44 days in prison

"Tifton, Georgia, April 3. 69-year-old woman spent 44 days in prison for giving a Wal-Mart store false address when he wanted to get $ 13 returning for nail scissors and a one-time razor. Mary Alice Weir from Tampa, Florida, was arrested on February 15. Her husband, James, said they wanted to return these items, because they had the money on the way home from Michigan. In Georgia, it is considered illegal to give false name or address when returning the goods.

Mrs. Weir first denied the guilt and spent 11 days in prison because he could not get money for a deposit. Then she changed the position. Judge R. R. Buckley from the court of the state in Tyzton sentenced it by the year conditionally, if Weir pay $ 300 fines and court costs. After another 33 days spent in prison, Weyr paid a part of the fine and was released on Tuesday.

Chet lost its apartment and the car at the time when Weyr was in prison".

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