Pizoni: deadly tree

Evergreen plant with nothing noticeable name "Pizoni" is a deadly trap for those who fall into the adhesive mass of his seed pods. What to say – a decent sister of Manzinell, under which they do not even advise.

Pizoni blooms twice a year, just when the private birds rush to the land searching for the nest construction. Oddly enough, the red-legged phoshi, frigates and many other feathers choose this particular tree, for which they often pay. At about the same time with the advent of chicks on the tree, large seed pods covered with dense mucus and small hooks are formed. Even adults are easily confused in them, and it is almost impossible to get into the will of the chick and at all. Once in the Western, someone dies from hunger, someone – from claws of predators.

Fortunately, this plant will not meet in the middle lane, Pizoni grows in the Indo-Pacific region: from Australia and New Zealand to Northern and South America. But why do the woods kill those who can spread his seeds?

For some time, scientists assumed that the decomposing bodies fertreal to the soil, but Canadian researcher Alan Burger denied this theory. In May 1999, he went to the Seychelles, where he spent ten months, putting experiments with the seeds of Pizoni large.

It turned out to be a carcass of birds in no way affect the germination of seeds. Moreover, Burger found that significantly less nutrients arrive from the bodies of the dead feathers than from Guano. Consequently, the birds are needed by a tree alive.

Then the biologist suggested that when the bodies fall into the sea, the currents transfer them to long distances. And with them are transferred to the adhesive seeds. The first experiment showed that the seeds perish five days later from continuous finding in seawater. But seabirds spend most of the time in the air! And in the ocean dive only in order to catch fish. Therefore, Burger has put a second experience: for four weeks, it sought seeds to salt water from time to time. They survived.

Pizoni is deadly tree

So the researcher came to the conclusion: birds really contribute to the spread of seeds. And the death of feathers is a side effect of gluten, which is necessary that the seeds reach sushi and not lost in the way.

However, scientists are alarming: the population of seabirds decreases, and Pizoni actively contributes to this. Specialists in environmental protection on the island of the Cousin of the Seychelles archipelago decided to even intervene. They carefully remove the "prisoners" from the Western, purify from sticking seeds and laid on other trees, away from danger. Pizoni Meanwhile, conquers all new islands.

You can even grow a plant at home (though, of all ten species – only Pizoney umbrella and its variety called "Pizoni" umbrella variage "). In indoor conditions, the tree reaches 1-1.5 m in height, but practically does not bloom, therefore, not fruits. But you can not be afraid of the life of canary crashed from the cell.

Pizoni is deadly tree

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