Pitsunda (Pitsunda)

Pitsunda (Pitsunda) – Primorsky climatic resort on the Black Sea coast in Abkhazia, located 25 km south of Gagra.

Pitzunda is located on the large, coming in the sea of ​​Cape, on which the large grove of relict pines, saturating air healing coniferous aroma.

Pitsunda resort is famous for wide sandy and pebble beaches, as well as the purest sea water. The promenade stretches the long strip along which numerous cafes and restaurants are located.

The center of the resort area is a complex of seven high-altitude pensions "Resort Pitsunda", located right at the shores of the sea.

The first settlements on the site of Pitsunda appeared in the 4th century BC.NS., After the Greeks on the cape was founded by an antique city and port Pitian.

Pitsunda (Pitsunda)

From the IV century, one of the Centers of Christianity in the Caucasus was founded here.

In 404, the Archbishop of Constantinople Saint John Zlatoust died on the road to Pitsundu. Under the altar of the Pitsundsky Cathedral, he was arranged a tomb in which a particle of the saint relics, left during the transfer of them to Constantinople.

Excavations of the 1950s open the remains of the temples (including basilica 4-5 centuries. with floor mosaics), fortress and residential structures, bath.

Pitsunda (Pitsunda)

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