Pitsunda — Cozy resort town in Abkhazia, framed by protected pine forests, picturesque meadows, orange, tangerine and self-splashing groves. In pycenda beautiful sandy and pebble beaches, calm clean, like a tear, sea water, which is never affected by the storm. Under the mirror surface of Lake Inkite, a lot of fish — just a real paradise for fishing lovers. Magnificent nature in combination with many of the most interesting monuments of antiquity in Soviet times made Pitsundu extremely attractive for tourists.

In the central part of Pitsunda, the buildings of the guest house of the boarding houses are tested, which are called «Pitsunda resort». Most restaurants, cafes, shops, clubs and discos are also concentrated here. The rest of the Pitsunda is delivered from the city bustle. Many comfortable places to relax in the nature of companies, families with children, for the romantic pastime of young couples and T.NS.

And their name and largely popular Pitzund is obliged to exactly evergreen forest beauty pine. Healing air from marine spaces, enriched on land of pine phytoncides, — Is this true secret of the famous Caucasian health and longevity?

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What is interesting to see in Pitsunde?

Top attractions of Pitsunda

Pitrynta walls

Pitsundsky Temple

Hetzuriani House Museum

Pitsunda: excursions and events

The tourist bureau of Pitsunda is happy to organize a variety of excursions for both large groups and small companies of tourists. Many hotels also offer excursion service as additional services.

Arriving in Abkhazia, it is impossible not to visit the mountains. And although they are distant from Cape Pitsund, they are not less than a dozen kilometers, it is worth overcome this distance to enjoy beautiful landscapes. For this, a trip to the mountains on SUV. This is one of the most complex, but at the same time the most exciting excursions in Abkhazia. Tourists rise to Alpine meadows and mineral sources, admire by Geghesky Falls, Blue Lake and Rice Lake. Part of the path will have to overcome on foot, thereby having experienced its endurance in the mountains. Travel takes the whole day and costs from 1,300 rubles, but the impressions received during him remain for life.

Private museum "Old mill", Created last century by a resident of Pitsunda, an avid traveler George Hetzuriani. A multiple objects of antiquity from different parts of the former Soviet Union are kept in a two-story building. There was a place for the traditional Abkhaz weapons and tools of labor, and the magnificent collection of our samovarov. The museum has long earned the fame of the biggest collection in the entire Abkhazia. And his pride — Wonderful coach, from which the founder of the museum personally showed the sights of Pitsunda to tourists of the thirties and the forties of the last century. Museum inspection will cost 100 rubles.

History Pitsunda

Climate in Pitsunde

Thanks to the subtropical climate, Pitsund is among those fabulous places where winter never happens. Weather in Pitsunde for months pampers heat. The thermometer column in winter is usually not lowered below +10°C. At the same time, it is wonderful that in the summer thirty-degree heat, the inhabitants of the town do not wear out from the heat. Easy, almost imperceptible breeze brings fresh cool from the sea, which numerous pines and cypresses are secure in their shadow.

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Pitsunda: entertainment and active rest

Probably, this paradise created in order to prolong people life and give them good health. Pitsundu is ridiculous to get rid of diseases of the respiratory, cardiovascular and nervous system, various allergies, strengthen the immune system to forget about colds for a long time. Healing phytoncides of pine and samshet growing here contribute to the truly Caucasian longevity.

Water expanses around Pitsunda — Beautiful place for diving and underwater hunting. Instructors of the dive centers will help to safely damage the beginners. More experienced divers in the presence of a certificate can be immersed independently.

Many opportunities in Pitsunde for riding lovers. Interesting horseback walks are organized, which will be enjoyed both experienced riders and people who have never rode the riding. Particular routes for Pitsundskaya Lowland and Joker Gorge. Two or three hours of this wonderful journey will leave indelible impressions in memory, and in the camera — Magnificent paintings of local nature.

Many hotels and boarding houses created conditions for tennis, bowling, billiards, archery, football, football. Gyms work, swimming pools.

Transport features of Pitsunda

In Pitsunde, as a small village, there is no urban public transport. However, it is convenient to use taxi services. Taxi services have the most diverse vehicles, even cargo vans and buses. If you call the car by phone, it is better to immediately agree with the operator about the cost of the trip — This will save a little.

Between the cities of Abkhazia there is a bus service. Buses, however, do not have strict attachment to the route: Each driver has a set of tablets with the names of cities, of which he chooses the necessary depending on the number of potential passengers.

The nearest town of Gagra from Pitsunda can be reached in just 20 minutes. Therefore, sometimes young people with personal transport prefers to stop in an inexpensive and calm Pitsunde, and in the evenings to ride to have fun in a more noisy Gagra.

Pitsunda, Abkhazia Recreation, reviews, hotels in Pitsunda Tourprom Travel

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