Pitchern: Henderson Island

Henderson Island is the largest in Pitcairna island group. It is 168 km north-east of Pitcairna, and almost eight times. It is not allowed I "Unlock" People, but his bird colony and severe, but a picturesque appearance probably deserve a short trip.

The island was announced by the UNESCO World Heritage site in 1988. due to the fact that his colonies of rare birds and his phosphate deposits remained and not touched by a person (a rare case for "hungry" on phosphate fertilizers of the twentieth century).

Educated three underwater volcanoes – Adams, Young and Bounty, two-thirds of the coast of Henderson are surrounded by a young coral reef, and raging 15 meters coastal rocks are formed by the ancient coral rhythic arrays. Coral rocks, of which the island consists, are rake under the sun and make climbing its slopes with a rather difficult event, because they have acute frills and scattered under their feet.

Pitchern Island Henderson

The internal territories of the island abundantly threw dense "Braches" Spiny shrubs serving the perfect place for nesting birds.

Henderson is almost devoid of fresh water, but it has a charming freshwater spring in a cave in the north of the island, one of the mysteries of which are also detected human skeletons. It is believed that these are burials of the ancient Polynesians who came from the Gambier archipelago in the Southeast French Polynesia, but still not the exact origin of the first settlers is not established. These earlier inhabitants of the island left numerous burials containing human skeletons, as well as mysterious petroglyphs on the surrounding rocks, earth furnaces, stone guns and other crafts, although no one is sure where they come from and what culture carriers were.

Pitchern Island Henderson

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