Pissouri Resort in Cyprus

The resort of Pissouri is small, usually about such resorts they say "quiet and cozy place for family holidays". There are no noisy discos, beach parties, large water parks, but there is a gorgeous beach area. On this page, let’s talk about the resort of Pissouri in detail.

Where is

The village and the resort of Pissuri is located on the southern coast of Cyprus, in the middle of the path between Paphos and Limasol, to both cities of 30 kilometers. However, in fact, Paphos closer – 35 kilometers on the road, and to Limassol – 40 kilometers. And the road to Paphos is more straight and speed, go about 35-40 minutes, and to Limassol about an hour.

Nominally, Pissouri refers to Limassol District (Limassol District) is located on the Western border.

Description of the resort

Pissuri is divided into two parts. The first part is called "Pissouri Village", where locals live, here is the main square with shops and institutions. Pissouri Village is located 3 kilometers from the sea, on a hillside at an altitude of 150 meters.

The second part is called "Pissouri Bay", we can say that this is a tourist area on the coast. Here are hotels (or rather hotel, it’s one), villas and apartments for rent tourists. There are restaurants, bars, taverns.

Around Pissouri Village and Pissouri Bay Mountains, Vineyards, Fruit Gardens and Fields. It can be said that Pissouri is the best eco-resort in Cyprus.

The minimum necessary infrastructure for tourists is present. These are a lot of restaurants, two branches of banks, one big (by local standards) supermarket, several shops and pharmacies. Some problems of the authorities of the Pissouri village decide for tourists, for example, everywhere in the village and on the coast there is a free WiFi, you can’t think about the Internet.

Population of the village – just 1,100 people. About half of them, Cypriots, the second part of the foreigner, who had bought real estate and moved to Cyprus to Cyprus, mainly the British. In the summer months, at the expense of vacationers, the population can "jump up" to 3-4 thousand people.

The regional economy consists of two main industries – these are agriculture and tourist services. In the surrounding area grown almonds, horn tree, vegetables and fruits. Breaks of sheep, rams and cows. There used to grow a lot of grapes here, it was mainly used to prepare a raisin of "Sultanas", but now the yield of grape fell, many vineyards cut down.

How to get

We highly recommend buying batch tours in Pissouri. Get yourself or expensive, or tedious and long. Having bought a batch tour, the tourist bus will take.

If they decided to go for themselves, read how to get from airports.

If you flew to Paphos Airport

The most convenient option is a taxi or transfer from the airport to the hotel. Will cost 40-50 euros.

By bus you can get in different ways.

Intercity buses "Airport Paphos – Larnaca", "Paphos Airport – Nicosia", "Airport Paphos – Larnaca Airport," Paphos Airport – Limassol ". But these buses are officially no stop in Pissouri, you need to ask the driver to stay and do it even when landing on the bus! The driver can fulfill such a request, and may refuse it is his right.

From the airport you can get to the center of Paphos – station to Karavella Station by bus 613, this bus goes to 08:00, 10:00, 16:30, 19:00. Next, drive 630 to Pissouri at 06:30, 09:30, 14:30. Of course, it is inconvenient, only two options are obtained: 8: 00-9: 30 and 10: 00-14: 30. Travel time on the route 613 – 40 minutes, travel time on the route 630 – 45 minutes.

Detailed information about Cyprus buses in the article "Buses in Cyprus".

If flew to Larnaca Airport

Larnaca Airport from Pissouri is much further than Paphos Airport. Taxi or transfer will cost 90-100 euros.

Can be reached by bus "Larnaca Airport – Paphos Airport". But again, there is no official stop in Pissouri, you do not have, you need to ask the driver in advance, and he may not agree to land.

Our advice: If we decided to rest in Pissouri, then you must take tickets for flights with arrival of Paphos Airport.


The full-fledged hotel here is only one, it is called "Columbia Beach", in the photo above, click on the photo to increase. Nominally hotels in two, as the suites are highlighted in the 5-star "Columbia Beach Resort", the other rooms are highlighted in the 4-star Hotel "Columbia Beachotel".

In addition to the Columbia Hotel in Pissouri, there are dozens of villas and apartments that can be booked via the Internet, and through popular booking services.COM or Hotellook.Ru.

Beaches in Pissouri

Rather the beach, he is only one here, but what!

Pissouri Beach (Pissouri Beach) huge – 1.5 kilometers long, 90 meters deep in pure golden sand, turquoise pure water. The beach was assigned a "blue flag" – the highest quality indicator of water, sand and security for visitors.

The beach is perfectly equipped: cabins for dressing, toilets, souls, umbrellas, sun beds. Lyfgarts (rescue service) duty from 8-00 to 18-00. The beach is huge, and the crowd of tourists here does not even happen in the most peak season.

On both sides of the beach there are white rocks "Aspro", for which you can climb, out of here, the stunning types of the sea are opened, especially at sunset and dawn.

It is the beach that is the main advantage of the resort, it is because of a chic beach here tourists go here. However, the Pissuri Beach has its own characteristics.

Tourists of non-traditional orientation

Pissouri is popular with European tourists homosexual orientation. For them, the part of the beach is officially not highlighted, but by tradition they prefer the East (left, if you look at the sea from the village) The edge of the beach.

These people behave quite peacefully, but prefer to stay in their companies. Attention, girls! If in the distance you see a group of tightened and well-groomed young people, you can not think about meeting, they will not be interested in you, they are interested in each other.

Nudist problem

Nudists often create problems for other tourists. Officially, for them there is no highlighted and fenced piece of beach. By tradition, they rest in the easternmost part, in a small bay behind the rocks.

While they "hang out" there and do not go to the main beach, there are no problems. But for some reasons, some nudists are trying to master the main part of the beach. Complaints of the police and the municipality begin.

If you do not accept full nudity on the beach, then hold on Western (right, if you look from the village) Beach parts.

Entertainment and attractions

In the subissuri of them a bit, although not additive to tourists and that is enough. Talk about the most interesting.

Aphrodite stone

This place is called "Peter-Tu-Romiu", according to the ancient Greek myths, it was here that the goddess of Love Aphrodite was born from the shell.

Tourists are watching the bizarre rocks, a beautiful stony coast, suite picnics, enjoyed in love with each other’s society, because it is one of the most romantic places in Cyprus.

Aphrodite stone is located 8 kilometers west from Pissouri. Some tourists walk on foot, but more interesting to rent bicycles. Can be reached by bus, but buses go quite rarely. Visit Peter-Tu-Romiu for free.

All details, read our article "stone Aphrodite".

local halloumi

Pissouri Resort in Cyprus

Halloumi – famous cheese of Cyprus and Cypriot cuisine is an important product. This cheese has a high melting point that it allows to fry in the pan or grill, it does not lose shape.

Pissouri Village is famous for dairy products – yogurt and halloumi. Do not miss the opportunity to try one of the best varieties of halloumi, if arrived at Pissouri.

In the village a lot of restaurants and taverns, especially near the central square. Almost all of them offer dishes exactly Cypriot cuisine. Feedback from tourists, the best: Kastro Restaurant, Two Friends Taverna, O Vrakas Taverna.

Church of the Apostle Andrei

Chief local temple. He began to build in 1835, finished in 1883. The building is constructed of stone, brought on donkeys from the regions and Anogyra Prastio, 15 kilometers north.

Carved iconostasis and interior are made by local craftsmen, all the work it took them 10 years, is the pride of the villagers.

Services are held on Saturday evening, on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays and church holidays.

Church of St. Andrew is located in the center of the village, near the main square. Do not forget to stop and enjoy views of the valley, it is fascinating.

Water sports on the beach

Clubs Chris Water Sports and Columbia Water Sports (at the Hotel Columbia) on the beach of Pissouri offers a wide range of entertainment – water skiing, wakeboarding and tubing on the sea, renting kayaks, water bikes, small boats and other.

Pissouri Bay Divers Club organizes diving with snorkel or scuba diving. By boat or kayaks can go to the cliffs to see the caves.

If you are not afraid, then try flyboard. This is a special board set in motion hydrojet engine, it is possible to fly over the water up to 10 meters. In Chris Water Sports Club has flyboard.

Very popular with tourists parasailing (flying with a parachute over the sea), offering stunning views.


In connection with the deficit of local differences, many tourists go to Paphos, where you can go to Aphrodite Water Park, Kings Avenue Mall Paphos or Zoo. Or see the historic paphos places: Kato Pafos Park and Tsarist Tombs.

Before Paphos can be reached by bus 630, leaves Pissuri daily at 07:40, 10:40, 15:40. Back at 06:30, 09:30, 14:30. On the way – 45 minutes.

Attention! You need to have time for the last bus at 14:30, otherwise you will go back to a taxi for 50 euros.

If you come on the first bus and leave the last, then the time on the water park or inspection of the tombs is enough. You can spend the second half of the day on the beach, the activity of the Sun is already at a minimum.


The second option to have fun is to go to Limassol, where you can walk on Molos, watch the old town, go to Fasuri water park, go to the biggest in Cyprus MY Mall.

You can reach by bus 70. From Pissuri, he leaves on weekdays at 06:20, 09:50, 14:30, on weekends at 07:50 and 11:10. Back on weekdays at 09:50, 13:30, 16:00, on weekends at 10:50 and 13:30. On the way – 60 minutes.

If you come to the first bus on weekdays, go on the last, then there will be more than enough time on entertainment.

Attention! You need to have time for the last bus at 16:00 (weekdays), otherwise go back to a taxi for 50 euros.

Have a good holiday in Pissouri, and read our interesting articles about Cyprus (Links below).

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