Pisco (Pisco)

Pisco (Pisco) – The port city in the south of the central part of Peru, located on the Pacific Coast, is approximately 234 km south of Lima and 15 km north of Parakas Reserve. Population – 61972 people (2007).

Name «Pisco» Translated from the language of Kechua means "bird".

The city was founded by the Spaniards in 1640, and already in 1687 was destroyed by an earthquake and tsunami. Later was an important trading port of the region, through which the goods were exported as Guano (decomposed litter of seabirds), mercury and agricultural products.

Due to the city of vineyards located nearby near the city, here is a strong alcoholic drink "Pisco", having world famous.

Pisco (Pisco)

On August 15, 2007 at 18:40, a catastrophic 8-ball earthquake occurred in the Pisco area, as a result of which more than 70% of the city was destroyed, about 1000 people died. The city has not yet been restored, it is assumed that it is necessary for its full recovery about 20 years.

In the surroundings of the city of Pisco, environmental tourism is widely developed, nearby Parakas National Reserve, with its magnificent coastal landscapes and islands of Ballestas, where sea lions live, cats, penguins and numerous birds.

Also near the Pisco is Geoglyph Candelabra Parakasa (Paracas Candelabra), similar to drawau of Nask. Sizes: Length – 128 m, Width – about 74. Its origin and authenticity is not clear, according to one of the versions, he was created on the orders of San Martin, one of the leaders of the war of the independence of Spanish colonies in Latin America and is a Masonic symbol, on the other – serves as a landmark for sailors.

Pisco (Pisco)

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