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Pisa – A small and very cozy Italian city in the province of Tuscany, spread on the Arno River. Today Pisa – This is one of the most visited tourists from around the world cities of the country.

Patron Pisa – Saint Rainry (ITAL. San Ranieri). His inhabitants of Pisa are honored June 17.

Pisa, first of all, is associated with everyone with the famous «Falling» tower. However, this bell tower – Only one of the many attractions of the city.

So, in Pisa stored masterpieces of sculptures, painting and architecture of Italy. And in the museums of the city you can remember the former power of the Marine Pisa Republic.

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Pisa will be interested to visit tourists to lovers of small, but very cozy cities. Visiting Pisa can be combined with a trip to other cities in the neighborhood. So, tourists are encouraged to visit Siena, where you can admire with numerous medieval accomplishments. In addition, the trip to Pisa is well combined with a visit to Florence – the cultural capital of Italy, Bologna – the university city, Pistoia with magnificent Citadel and Lucca – the magical fairy tale kingdom. In each of these cities, an inquisitive tourist will definitely find something interesting for himself.

We add that the great Galileo Galileo studied in Pisa. It is here that the university is located in which about 60 thousand students learn. So, can be called a cheerful youth city.

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