Pisa Cathedral

The Middle Age of the Middle Ages left a lot of monuments of the architecture of a religious. They are designed to show the loyalty and veracity of the Christian creed, open his grandeur and greatness to the public. Religion had a huge impact on both the culture in general and the individual areas, in particular, on the architecture. Christianity established the norms according to which masterpieces of art should be performed. Thus, religious dogmas were perpetuated in architectural monuments.

One of the four masterpieces

The construction of the Pisa Cathedral was started in 1063 and almost 30 years, &# 8211; It was completed in 1092. The cathedral combined several styles at once, from Byzantine to Lombard. Such a combination was called the Pisa Romanesque style. At that time, Pisa was a large port city, therefore, as some historians believe, the variety of styles is inspired by the overseas countries through sailors who often went to the shipboards.

The building from time to time was subjected to reconstruction due to unforeseen circumstances, which had a place in his history (for example, a large fire of 1595, because of which the structure had to be restored almost anew).

The Pisa Cathedral is one of the four buildings constituting Architectural ensemble Piazza Dei Miracoli. Moreover, the cathedral, like a bride tower, adjacent to him, is a bit tilted. However, this is not so much noticeable as in the second case, but still a small angle of inclination can be noticed by a naked eye.

In the Middle Ages, Pisa often participated in wars, as a result of which numerous trophies received. Part of the extraction was designed to decorate the main city cathedral. For example, after the end of one of the military campaigns, the Pisa Cathedral acquired new architectural elements – columns, deciding the inner structure of the structure.

Pisa Cathedral

At the same time, there were cases when the Pisans robbed the temples of other religions (the same Muslim). There is nothing special about it, because the confrontation of cultures has accompanied the person throughout the existence of civilization.

In order to bring new paints to the details of the Cathedral, the Pisa Guide spent a lot of effort. In addition to trophies from the war, the most famous and skillful masters of that time were invited. For example, Giovanni Pisano, Thanks to which the Department of Cathedral was built, whose beauty can be observed to this day. Piazza Dei Miracoli ensemble was the main architectural heritage of Pisa, and the Cathedral was playing the dominant role here. Therefore, the authorities did not regret forces and means to maximize its improvement.


The main Cathedral of Pisa from the very end of its construction became leading urban treasure. Christian culture reigned here, which sought by all means to approve His Majesty. The Cathedral was a kind of symbol that personifies the power of the Church, so it was supposed to have a species corresponding to his status.

Pisa Cathedral

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