Pirates Island turned into an expensive exotic resort

Madagascar is a magnificent place of rest for lovers of exotic, beautiful tropical and almost unknown to tourists is an island similar to the continent, where all year round temperature is about 25&# 186; with. Amazing Beach Beauty Beaches on the Indian Ocean, National Parks, Cheap Service. The best time for traveling here – from April to March (at this time there is a southern winter), it is better for the eastern coast in June and September, you can go to the center of the country and in the summer (from November to March). Rains come mainly from October to May.

Madagascar – the fourth largest island of our planet after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. The size of Spain and Portugal, or France and Belgium together. It is located in the Indian Ocean, separated from Africa 400 km Mozambique Bay. Unlike "volcanic" neighbors, Mauritius and Reunion, Madagascar – an island of non-volcanic origin, he broke away from Africa about 165 million years ago as a result of continental drift. It can be considered a continent, because here there are unique species of animals and plants. Madagascar is called one of the richest in terms of the nature of the countries in the world. Here, as many as 90% of species of lemurs, Madagascar and so called "island of lemurs", as well as half of the population of chameleons. Many animal species are found only in Madagascar. The island lies in the tropical zone, there are growing baobabs, which do not grow almost anywhere else in the world, more than 1,000 species of orchids. Here grow rice, coffee, tobacco, vanilla, sugar cane. Guides "give five stars" the unique nature of the island.

People have been living for years 1500-2000 on a huge island. Madagascar Malagasy people call themselves and are descendants of Africans and Asians. Most of the newcomers came from Malaysia and Polynesia, on the waves of the Indian Ocean from Indonesia and South-East Asia. African slaves, Arabs, Indians and Portuguese traders, pirates from Europe, the French colonists – all mixed with the local population and formed officially available today 18 "tribes" or clans inhabiting the island. The first Malagasy gathered here for the same crop, which they collected in Southeast Asia, today the endless rice fields give the impression that you were more in Asia than in Africa.

The first Europeans who had fallen to Madagascar, were the Portuguese, their fleet under the command of Diego Dias reached the island in 1500. Over the next century, the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British could not manage to settle on the island. But it was chosen by pirates who left here the stolen wealth. During the fight against pirates in the Caribbean, more than a thousand British, French, Portuguese, Dutch and American pirates entrenched on the east coast of Madagascar. Wild coast of the island of steel base for attacks on ships running around Cape of Good Hope. Here are pirates, who, oddly enough, the natives accepted quite welcome, seasoned provisions. The island was not far from the two most important and rich sea roads, namely the ways European Indian companies as well as Indian and Arab ships. Pirates booty became gold and silver coins, precious stones, precious fabrics from India, spices, and other expensive and rare goods. The famous Pirates of Madagascar were Avery, who allegedly lived with her daughter in Nosi Mangaba in Antonzhil Bay, where he kept the wealth of the Great Mogolov, Misson, Provencalian Buntar, who organized the International Republic of Karachioleli and Tom the International Republic of Libertali, who chose the Diego Suarez bay, and Also famous captain of the kid, which was hung in 1701. Pirates did not always work well with the local population, as a result of Libertalia was looted by Malagasy. Corsairs are known informally in the service of the English crown, providing assistance during armed conflicts. However, upon completion of wars in Europe, their services were not needed, and hunting began on the pirates. King England sent in 1721. Squadron for the capture of corsars, but they managed to hide on the island of St. Mary.

Trade of weapons and slaves contributed to the growth of small kingdoms in Madagascar. By the 18th century began to dominate the clan Merin. The British signed an agreement in 1820, recognizing Madagascar an independent state under the control of the Merine dynasty, but the influence of the British was felt up to the twentieth century. By 1883 the British cooled to Madagascar, and their place was taken by the French, who in exchange for recognition of British sovereignty in Zanzibar and was given to Madagascar. The French overran the western coast of the island in 1895, very surprised than the rulers of the Merina, established a colonial administration headed by General Joseph Gallierni. He was exiled in 1897 by King Ranavalona III into exile in Algeria, thus abolishing the monarchy. He tried to suppress all manifestations of British influence and independence, in particular the Malagasy language, so the official language was declared the French. However, the French credit for putting what they have abolished slavery, at the same time implemented a strict tax system for non-compliance of the rules that people sent to forced labor. At this time began to develop the import of coffee, the settlers and the company began to expropriate the land on the island. During World War II, the French administration sided with the Vichy government, the British occupied the island, anticipating an invasion of the Japanese. In 1943. British gave Madagascar the Free French De Gaulle. After the war, many Malagasy were educated on the French model. However, the French rule caused discontent, and in 1958., on return of De Gaulle to power in France, Madagascar called for autonomy within the French Community. The road to independence was long, in 1972. in southern rebellion broke out, led by Communist President Philibert Tsiranana. The transition to independence began simultaneously with the economic decline. French, leaving the island, they are taken away their technology, knowledge and money. Now there are 18 officially Madagascar tribes, differing not along ethnic lines rather well as belonging to the Old Kingdom. 50% of Christians (Catholic and Protestants), more than 40% animalists, 2% Muslims. Most, even those who profess Christianity, still remain loyal to various pagan rituals and traditions.

Depending on the region on the Madagascar, you will feel that you were either in Asia or in Africa. French was the official language on the island for a long time, after declaring independence, it was stopped teaching in schools and use in everyday life, but today it returns. The most common language of Malagasy, he belongs to the Austronesian group of languages, is similar to the language on which Borneo speak. Some words are borrowed from English, French and Arabic. The basis of most dishes and a garnish on Madagascar – rice, which is often cooked with wild spinach. Traditional dishes – beef stew with vegetables, pork stew with toffee leaves, sauces with curry, seafood, fresh and cheap, tropical fruits – pineapples, mango, bananas and many others. Coffee is more popular here than tea, but you should not try it outside the big cities. It is not recommended to swim in lakes and rivers, as water is not very clean. Beaches on the coast of Madagascar sandy, the water is transparent and clean and swim safely.

Holidays in Madagascar are walking on national parks on the island itself and on the islands around, beach holidays, hiking, diving. An unusually beautiful resort of Nosy Be, located on the same island of 321 square.km, as well as on other little islands around, very popular among tourists. There are many restaurants and nightpoints, you can run from one island to another. Resort is very expensive, the best time to relax here from April to December. Most of the island is a rainforest. His capital – Andowani (El Ville in French), from the attractions here is the old prison, built in 1855, and the buildings of the colonial era. The place of the Mraudok is dilapidated, but it is interesting that it was built by Indian sailors, victims of the shipwreck off the coast of Madagascar in the 17th century. National Park Lokoba Square in 740 hectares – Motherland Boa-Constrictors, Black Lemurov and Chameleonov. Nosy Be has a mountain of 329 m high, where it is good to look at the sunset, it is surrounded by crater lakes.

The Tsyngy de Bemaraha reserve was once unavailable for tourists, as long as he was not attributed to UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is in the west of the island, it is a big forest with limestone mountains. The reserve is divided into two fleets, small tsyngy and big tsyngy, in which 53 species of birds live, 8 types of reptiles and 6 types of lemurs. Excursions in the park include a river on the Canoe on the Manambolo River, waterfall.

Pirates Island turned into an expensive exotic resort

Amber Mountain National Park is an ideal place for hiking (20 km), there are special attention to a small waterfall falling into a mountain pool, a lake, a botanical garden with orchids, palm trees and lianami. There are completely deserted beaches, coral reefs, wonderful diving places.

Nosy Irania is a resort located on two islands connected by a strip of white sand. 55 km from Nosy Be is a very beautiful place – Mitsio Islands Archipelago. All archipelago can be viewed in six hours, any hotel on Nosy Be can organize an archipelago tour. On the islands – all the same tropical forests, white sand, baobabs, turquoise sea, bungalows for tourists fully fit into the environment. On the western coast of Madagascar is the resort of Laguna Blue Resort, a very new place that has opened for tourists in 2000. There are good bars, restaurants, bungalows built from local wood.

Saint Mary island called paradise. Nodies Boraha or "Women Island", As it is also called, 57 km long, indeed, it is very beautiful, here it was possible to maintain the original beauty of nature, because it is open for tourists for only a few years. Now he is one of the most tourist places in Madagascar. Eighty kilometers of white pure sand beacon under the shadow of coconut palm trees, the rainforest in the depths of the island, the stunning gardens will be able to surprise even the most demanding tourists, his unique flora and fauna will add impressions. The island is called tropical paradise. There are few machines, and infrastructure is not so developed, this feature will allow you to actually feel that you are on the edge of light. The size of the island allows you to examine it for a day on foot or by bike. Relatively wild beaches in the lagoons, corals, amazing vegetation, quiet bay, pirate cemetery, a unique opportunity from July to september to watch the worldwide whales will leave unforgettable impressions. You can live in the bungalow on the ocean. The climate feature of this island – even in the rainy season there is very little precipitation. Reserve hotels need in advance. During the low tide you can walk to the Pirates Cemetery, the entrance to which is paid. In the north of the islands you can swim in the pool with sea water. At hotels, jeep walks, the price is quite high, but the price includes drinks and lunch. You can see the vanilla plantations, see how local alcoholic beverages produce. Here you can rent a bike, boat, yacht.

Masoala Peninsula – One of the most delightful places in Madagascar. Here are a variety of beautiful forests, the beautiful forests are replaced by sandy beaches, the ocean bays, travelers will have a 100% opportunity to see off the coast of whales, dolphins and sea turtles, coral reefs around the peninsula dive lovers. On Mazoal in 1997, a National Park of 3,000 square meters was created. km, infrastructure of this place is developed precisely for tourism.

The capital of Madagascar, Tana or Antananarivo is a noisy city, like all Asian and African capitals. Independence Avenue (Avenue de L’Independence) Complete consists of small street markets. On Independence Square in the area of ​​the Upper City there are banks, mail, restaurants and nightclubs. Nearby former royal buildings, the ruins of the Palace of Queen Rov. In the north-east of the capital there is a large market and food, and craft. There is a botanical and zoological park in Tana, in which all the types of animals and plants are collected on the island. Malagasy Academy Museum constantly organizes interesting zoological and ethnic exhibitions, talking about tribes, traditions and customs of Malagasy residents. It is not worth stopping in the capital, good hotels here are a bit. It is better to stay only in resorts. Almost anywhere on the island you can eat for 10 dollars. Tips are not accepted with the exception of expensive hotels in Tana and Nosy Be.

Pirates Island turned into an expensive exotic resort

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