Pirates festival

From 11th to November 21st in Georgetown, the capital of the Cayman Islands, which are the ownership of the UK in the Caribbean Sea, will be held by the Pirates Festival. The festival is carried out in memory of those times when the islands Caymans were pirates and robbers. Every year, street parades are held in the framework of the festival, family events are arranged, and pirated invasions are being staged.

Festations also include culinary contests, masquerades, darts tournament, art exhibition, boat racing, underwater treasure hunting, fair and pirate song competition. An integral part of the festival is a competition for the best pirate costume. This year he has been appointed for November 13th. Cash prizes are traditionally handed winners. Competition is held in three categories: children’s, youth and adult.

Pirates festival

The imaging of the pirated invasion was appointed this year on November 14th. It was on this day that two vintage sailing vessels with pirates are to the shores of Georgetown, in order to capture the city and fill it with fun and festive mood. Upon arrival of ships, a festive parade begins. It is worth noting that each next parade does not like the previous one and is unique, which attracts the public.

Relatively recently, the list of events has been replenished with a competition for the rank of queen of the festival. In fact, the competition is a "costume representation", whose participants do not need to sing, dance or respond to questions, only the demonstration of the original costume is required, the award for which the high assessments of the jury and the encouragement of the crowds of fans are required.

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