Pirate Ile Sainte-Marie

Island Sainte-Marie is a narrow strip of land located five miles from the remote east coast of Madagascar.

In the 17-18 century, not far from the island were the main sea routes traders spices, ivory, silk and other forms of wealth in India.

At that time, the island became a kind of hub for pirates who could replenish stocks of provisions here and have some fun with local women.

In addition, the island was conveniently located, so here was very convenient to rob merchant ships.

Pirate settlement on Sainte-Marie was founded by the famous English pirate Adam Baldridge, who arrived in Sainte-Marie in 1685 after fleeing from Jamaica, where he was wanted for murder.

During the year, Baldridge and his accomplices took control of the inland waterways Sainte-Marie and its harbor.

Boudridge was able to conquer and intimidate local tribes so that they pay him tribute in the form of cattle, food and local women.

Pirate Ile Sainte-Marie

Many of the island’s resources, such as various types of fruits (bananas, coconuts, lemons, oranges, pineapples, yams) and meat (cattle, chicken, fish and turtles).

It is said that on the island there were many warehouses with money, which Botridge earned trade. Here is one of the largest pirate cemeteries.

At the peak of the development of the island, about a thousand pirates lived on it, including such famous personalities, like Captain William Kidd, Robert Calliford, Levassor, Henry Every, Abraham Samuel and Thomas Tew.

Pirate idyll ended in 1697, when local tribes organized a revolt against the pirates and forced him to flee from the island.

Pirate Ile Sainte-Marie

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