Pirate city Omis

Omis – The city that is at the mouth of the Cetina River. Located near Sibenika, the city has an impressive geographical position. This circumstance, in conjunction with the mentality of local residents, has given his own independence in one time.

As a comfortable place of settlement, the city was known since the times of Roman conquests, but his best days have come a little later. Beautiful navigators, the inhabitants of Omis controlled the nearby sea of ​​Adriatic over the XIII–XV century. The main blow almost always accounted for ships from Venice and the Naples Kingdom. The pirates of Omiš were really dangerous opponents, especially during the reign of Prince Kacic – namely when it was called Omis pirate nest.

Since pirates attacked and Crusaders ships, 1221. Pope Honorius III attempted to local crusade for this city. The first war of the pirates were able to win, but in the second the company suffered defeat. This period coincided with the end of the reign of Prince Kacic.

Pirate City Omis Sights Split Travel Guide

In 1409 g. Vladislav Napulsky (future King Vladislav I Durazzo) sold Dalmatia Omis Venice and resistance was finally broken to 1444 g.

Today, Omis – This is a beautiful traditional Croatian town, where you can take your time. There are 8 churches, the oldest Dalmatian tavern, several historic forts and towers. At the Cetina river rafting, you can regularly, doing white water rafting, and at local beaches very nice vacation.

Pirate City Omis Sights Split Travel Guide

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