Piran (Piran)

Piran (Piran) – City in Slovenia, on the Istria Peninsula, on the coast of the Piran Bay of the Adriatic Sea.

Piran — One of the cities of the thirtyctic meter strip of the Slovenian coast. The city is located 7 km from the Croatian border, 19 south-west of Cokes and 23 km from the Italian border.

The city is connected by coastal roads with the cities of Slovenian coast, Italian Trieste and Croatian Istria. Regular bus service with love, neighboring cities of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. There is a passenger seaport.

County Piran officially bilingual, Italian language is equalized with Slovenian.

The city reminds the open-air museum, which preserved the magnificent samples of the medieval (mainly Venetian) architecture.

The famous Italian composer and violinist Giuseppe Tartini was born in Piranets (1692-1770); Its name is the central area at which a monument to the musician is installed.

Piran (Piran)

Urban Pirane Beach – Stony, Sea Open and Pretty Deep, But very clean.

Tourists from the portorus and from other nearby towns like to sit in numerous restaurants and Pirane Cafe. Here you can go to any restaurant you like and not be afraid of prices: here they are equally low and in small taverns, and in fashionable restaurants.

The city has a market where you can buy fruits and vegetables, many shops. Local Fish Restaurants – Some of the best on the Slovenian coast.

Piran (Piran)

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