Baltic waves ours can admire both in winter. To do this, go to the city of Pioneers, in the Kaliningrad region. Here is the only non-freezing port on the Baltic Coast of Russia.

Accordingly, a lot of things associated with the sea — Fish factory, base of ocean fishing fleet. And not quite associated, for example, here, on a high hill on the seashore, the residence of the President of the our Federation is located «Amber».

Pioneer until 1946 was called Neukuren, this East Penglish city has a rich and something tragic history. So, in 1709 the population of the city almost everything died out due to the epidemic of the plague.

However, Neukuren did not disappear from the card, as it happened in Europe in such cases with some other small cities, but was revived and began to flourish.

Moreover, from the beginning of the nineteenth century, Neukuren became known as the resort, from Königsberg, a railway was held here, looted the harbor and built several hotels and guesthouses.

Neukuren gained its popularity as an inexpensive beach, family holiday resort. The current pioneer continues the tradition.

Beaches here are comfortable, clean, with free stationary sun beds. Water condition can be estimated in different ways.

On the one hand, it is usually a bit higher here than in other places in the Kaliningrad coast, and the waves are smaller here, thanks to a long prophetic pier and a variety of wave. On the other hand, for the same reason, there are many algae in water, sometimes their specific smell is even feeling.

Museum «Rantava»


RANTAVA (or RANTU) — The name of the village, in the place of which in the XIII century, Teutonic knights built a fortress Neukurren. Today is the so-called historical and archaeological museum of the city of Pioneer.

The basis of the museum’s exposition is the findings of numerous archaeological expeditions made on the thunder grief, or the mountain of the giants — The largest funeral complex of ancient Penglishs who inhabited the Balticism during the early Middle Ages.

Great interest among visitors cause exhibits from a large amber trees found on thunder mountain. Interesting and large collection of photos telling about the history of Noykurren in the Xih and XX centuries.

How to get to Pioneer

Distance from Kaliningrad to Pioneer — 47 kilometers on a good road. Runs a regular bus. You can get from Kaliningrad and suburban train from the Northern Station, to the station Pioneer resort.


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