Pioneertown – Hollywood scenery, which turned into a real city

At that time, Western films were at the peak of their popularity, so many filming groups had to leave far in the wilderness to find suitable places for filming.

In order to save money, it was decided to create an exact copy of a small town in the style of wild west near the city.

The team of actors and directors decided to create a scenery of 4 miles to the north-west of the Valley of Yucca. From Los Angeles on the car here you can get in just two hours.

In November 1946, the first walls of the town called Pioneertown were erected, which completely copied the style of the 19th century settlements of the Wild West. The project had a huge success. More than two hundred Westerns of that time were removed in the decorations of Pioneertown, including the legendary picture "The Cisco Kid".

Over time, westerns came out of fashion and the town was empty. But not so long ago there were permanent residents. Artists, entrepreneurs and other eccentric personals move here to relax from large cities and penetrate the atmosphere of the 19th century.

Julian T. Pinder, Canadian director, moved to Pioneertown in 2014 from Los Angeles with his wife. They bought a dilapidated mansion and turned it into a cozy family home.

Pioneertown - Hollywood scenery, which turned into a real city

Another resident of Pioneertown, Belgian Jeweler, left his home in New York to live here. He acquired and restored three houses, one of whom was a church.

Every year new companies appear in the town. Here already has its own recording studio, a 19th century old-fashioned store and, of course, a bar serving a great barbecue.

As of 2016, a little more than 800 people live in the city of Pioneertown.

Pioneertown - Hollywood scenery, which turned into a real city

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